Nokia N8 news

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

According to Symbian World, a French Symbian site is claiming that the new Nokia N8 will support the ability to play DivX / XVid movies.  To me, this is either interesting, nothing new, or just plain wrong, and I really can’t decide which.  Nothing appears to have been announced by Nokia, nor by Symbian, which would seem to imply it’s wrong.  However, in the past themselves have produced a S60 3rd Edition DivX player, so it’s not unreasonable to assume they may plan, or have developed either for themselves, or for Symbian, a DivX player.  However, anything developed by DivX would be DivX only, and not support xVid.  However, some users who have had access to pre-production Nokia N8 devices have claimed that the device will play DivX files out of the box.  Finally, a local country Nokia representative seems a strange place to announce a major first for a Nokia phone.

However, on balance, I think it’s likely that Nokia will move towards DivX support, it’s simply a question as to whether it will be arriving with the Nokia N8, which, in the shadow of the iPhone 4 launch, will apparently have some impressive video editing facilities returning to the Symbian platform again.  This post on the Nokia Conversations website details the range of photo and video tools that will be available on the Nokia N8.  Looking back, this was previously announced, so I think this article is a reaction to the iPhone 4, as opposed to suddenly announcing new functionality that wasn’t known about before, and that’s the problem with the DivX information; it’s not like Nokia to quietly announce a new feature for a key device, especially so late after launch (and so close to delivery).

Time will tell, but it’s fair to say the Nokia N8 remains a critical device for Nokia over the coming months; it may not be an ultimate flagship device, but it’s important to show that Nokia has learnt the lessons of the Nokia N95, Nokia N96 and Nokia N97 launch firmwares…

Update: It’s look like Nokia have confirmed the Nokia N8 will not support DivX.

July 2010 Update: Well, it looks like Nokia have now confirmed that there will be DivX (but not XVid) support in the Nokia N8 after all…


Socially App release another new version

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

This week Socially App have released v1.40 of their Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN client, and added the following features:

  • Ability to geotweet (ie include your location within a twitter message), although you do need to enable this within your twitter account too before it will be visible to others.
  • Ability to search on twitter limiting the search to “nearby” people.
  • Ability to define the preferred WiFi and Data access point to use; the app will use WiFi whenever within range, but will then use the GPRS / 3G network when necessary.

I’m really impressed with Socially App, especially as it’s free.  Whereas Gravity is still struggling to implement full GPS access under S60 3rd Edition FP1 (think Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia E71), Socially App has managed it just fine (I should add Gravity also supports the use of the Google Maps API to locate you via WiFi or cell ID, so still offers location services on FP1), and I really like the way that when you want to see your current position, Socially App fires up the local Ovi Maps to show you where you are (see below); it would be nice, in time, to see even more use of Ovi Maps integrated into the application.

As before, Socially App can be downloaded direct on your phone from their website at


Nokia Ovi Maps: Good news and Bad

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Nokia Maps 3.0 with Ovi

Firstly, the Good News! Nokia has this week released Ovi Maps v3.03 for the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66, allowing these two phones to be added to the original list of phones that now have Free Navigation.  Nokia also pointed out that the Nokia N86 has been added to the list too since the initial list was issued.

It should be pointed out that these two E-Series phones won’t have the Michelin or Lonely Planet guides available, but at least they now have free navigation, especially with the popularity of the Nokia E71 in the UK, this is a very sensible move by Nokia.

However, now for the Bad News 🙁 Nokia also announced that these will be the last S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices that the new free navigation Ovi Maps will be released for; so if you have a Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, or a Nokia N82 etc. then based on this statement you won’t be seeing free navigation ever.

It’s nice to see Nokia respond to requests for the Nokia E71, and it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing more FP1 devices supported, but maybe, just maybe, 2010 is the year to move to a newer device…


Other Nokia firmware updates

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Nokia N79

When we covered the firmwares that Nokia released last week (here), we forgot to mention some of the other devices which have had firmware updates in the last month or so.  If you have any recent Nokia device (and to the list of devices we covered last week, you should add the Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N79 and the Nokia N96) you may well want to perform a full backup, and then connect your phone to your PC and run the PC Software Updater to see if your phone has any updates.

Don’t forget, if your phone came from a network operator, it will have an operator specific firmware, which will take longer for the updates to be released.


fring add video calling

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

What is fring

Having recently released an Android version of their fring client, fring have now announced an updated Symbian S60 client which offers video calling, allowing you to video call your fring and Skype contacts.  Initially for S60 devices (both touch devices such as the Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini as well as the traditional non-touch Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, and Nokia N82 devices).

For more details, and a video showing it in action, head over to fring‘s website here.


Update on 3UK and non-3UK-supplied phones

Monday, September 14th, 2009

3 logo

INQ1 Silver £15 per Month, Free 3 to 3 calls at 3M

3UK have supplied us with a full list of phones that they will be supporting with their Skype and Windows Live Messenger clients, and 3UK have provided us with a number of useful updates since we originally mentioned that 3UK were now supplying these clients for use on non-3UK supplied phones.

Firstly, it appears that Windows Live Messenger is getting the same level of treatment as Skype does (under their Skype Free Calls Forever promotion); that is, you don’t even need to TopUp your account for both Skype and Windows Live Messenger to work on your device; even if your credit has expired, it would appear both 3UK-custom app versions will keep working.

How can you obtain these apps; well, if you have a 3UK supplied phone, it should have links or shortcuts to these apps already built into the firmware (although it may involve a download on the first connection).  However, for those who have upgraded their firmware to a generic firmware, or for those who are using a non-3UK-supplied phone, then today, it’s quite simple…

All you need to do is to insert your 3UK sim into your phone, power it on, and go to the Planet 3 link which should automatically appear on the phone (either directly on a shortcut key, or within the Favourites / Bookmarks within the browser, and you may find it’s preset as the homepage within the browser).  Once there, you can select these apps, and then download these apps.

However, and this is a very smart move from 3UK; from 1st October, if you put a 3UK sim into your phone, it will automatically connect and download these apps in the background, and then notify you (via text) when this has completed.  This is a very shrewd move by 3UK, and adds to the user convenience of these apps.

So, for that list of fully supported phones?

  • Nokia E65, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N96
  • Sony Ericsson C510, Sony Ericsson C902, Sony Ericsson K660i, Sony Ericsson W595

Now, although that’s the formal list of supported phones, there are, of course, many phones that 3UK have supported directly with clients, such as the Nokia E71, so you may find it’s possible to access and download clients for other phones, although we can’t guarantee this at this stage.  We should also point out that the list of phones that can run the Skype client is much longer, so it does potentially seem to be just the Windows Live Messenger client which is shortening that list right now.


Nokia N86 released today on 3UK

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Nokia N86 8mp in Indigo

3UK have today released the Nokia N86 for sale, both online and in their stores.  As well as the super-wide angle Carl-Zeiss lens on the 8 megapixel camera, the phone offers a whole range of features, from SatNav (via Nokia Maps including a compass), to the vibrant OLED display (with a hard scratch-resistant glass front), a kickstand, 8GB of memory, TV-out, and an FM transmitter.  If you are an existing Nokia N95 or Nokia N95 8GB and are coming out of your existing contract, and want to continue with the same form factor, then this device is most likely the one for you!

On top of all of this, 3UK have ensured that their Skype, Email on 3 and Windows Live Messenger clients are available at launch too (they’ve also got Facebook support, but that’s just a link to  In fact, most of the apps aren’t pre-installed, but linked from the Favourites, to allow them to be installed.  However, the BBC iPlayer client will be included as well.

In terms of colour, 3UK have the Indigo Black version available now, and are planning to have the white version around January 2010 (which may imply another network has a 3 month exclusive on the white version).

If you are interested in the Nokia N86, head over to the 3Store to find out more about this phone.


3UK Nokia updates

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

3 logo

INQ1 Silver £15 per Month, Free 3 to 3 calls at 3M

3UK have been a bit quiet of late, but here’s 3 pieces of interesting news from 3…

  • The Nokia E63, which is currently available on a £20 Internet Texter tariff will, from Friday, only cost £18 per month, yet still offer a similar deal (we’re awaiting confirmation of the exact deal).
  • The Nokia N95 8GB, still a good workhorse, will also be available from £18 per month (the additional cost of the handset has been reduced by £2 per month; so today it’s available on an 18-month Mix’n’Match 300 contract for £20 per month; from Friday that will only cost £18 per month).
  • However, the big news is that the Nokia N86 will be launching on 3UK next week.  With 8 megapixels, and a similar form factor to the Nokia N95 and Nokia N95 8GB, this is likely to be a very big seller on 3UK.

More details on the £18 Internet Texter deal, and the Nokia N86 deals as they are announced…


Nokia Firmware updates; old and new

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Nokia 5800

An interesting few days for Nokia updates; as well as providing a v11 firmware for the new Nokia N86, a number of different product codes of the Nokia N95 8GB now feature a v32 (previous version v31).

The N86 mainly features cleaning up little problems (landscape mode issues in Ovi Maps and lots of little improvements) but due to UDP (User Data Preservation) it may well be worth applying as there is little impact, and some things to gain.

We’re still waiting to the see the Changelog for the Nokia N95 8GB firmware update, but we remain more cautious over this update, given the lack of UDP, forcing a complete reinstall of all applications and data.

As always, non-network branded phones will be receiving these updates first, and we’ll keep an eye out to see when they hit the branded phones…


BirdStep SmartConnect for many Symbian phones

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

BirdStep Smartconnect

Gerry over at nokiAAddict brings us news that BirdStep SmartConnect now seems to have been made available for many more Symbian devices now free of charge.  Although a popular program for the Nokia E71, it seems that the licensing deal with Nokia allows for many other devices.  As Gerry says, SmartConnect “removes the access complexity and brings the user just one click away from internet access, i.e. it combines all your Wifi & GPRS access points into one access point.”

So, if you have any of the following phones, head over to here to download the free client, or here for more information.  It seems the latest version from BirdStep is v1.3.6, which may well be newer than the version most people are running (When it was available in the Download! App for the Nokia E71, it was back at v1.2)

Nokia E-Series:
E50, E51, E52, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, E75, E90

Nokia N-Series:
N76, N78, N79, N81, N82, N85, N86 (8MP), N95, N95 (8GB), N96

Thanks to Gerry for the screenshot too.