LG Phone updates

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

LG Crystal

Firstly, the LG GD900 Crystal is now available from various places, including Mobile Fun.  This phone combines the new S-Class UI from the LG Arena with an iconic well-designed phone.  The near transparent keypad is the feature many concentrate on, but don’t forget it’s a touchscreen phone too with an 8 megapixel camera too.  We hope to be able to bring you a full review of this phone in the next few weeks.

However, the big news from LG is the new LG Chocolate BL40, which brings together many LG features into a new style; a 21:9 4″ widescreen display, perfect for watching videos.  This is a Black Label phone, and we’ve been impressed with the last few Black Label phones, so we’ll be looking forward to trying out this phone over the next month or two.  With Dolby Mobile (which has sounded fantastic on the LG Renoir and LG Arena), and we suspect formal DivX support too, this phone has the power to allow you to play videos and not be affected by the screen size.

There has been some concern over the size of this phone; here’s a shot (courtesy of LG Blog) showing the the LG Chocolate BL40 alongside an LG GD900 Crystal and the LG Secret..

LG Chocolate BL40 Size Comparison

We suspect both of these phones will be big sellers in the run up to Christmas, which will help to increase LG‘s marketshare even further.

Pictures courtesy of LG Blog.


Nokia E52 now in stock at Mobile Fun

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Nokia E52 Metal Grey Aluminium

Mobile Fun have informed us that they now have SIM free stock of the new Nokia E52, which looks good value around £230.  The Nokia E52 is a nice slimline phone, and for those who don’t want a QWERTY keyboard, may be an option, especially with the long standby battery life.  If you want to read more specs on the phone, then click here for the Nokia data sheet.


Want to share your Mobile Broadband…?

Monday, June 29th, 2009

3 D100 Wi-Fi router

We first covered the Huawei D100 Router as sold by 3UK earlier this year, but we now see it’s been removed from the 3Store (most likely due to 3UK concentrating on the ZTE USB Modem right now, which is not compatible with the Huawei).  Well, courtesy of Hot UK Deals, we’ve been informed that Carphone Warehouse are currently selling their stock of the 3 branded device at half price, which is £34.25.  That’s a very good price for the device, although it is limited to only working with 3UK, and, as already stated, needs a Huawei 3UK USB Modem to work.  However, once you have that, it will offer you the ability to share your 3UK Mobile Broadband connection with upto 4 other devices via Wi-Fi as long as you have access to a power socket.

Given that this does have these limitations, what are the options for others?  Well, the Solwise 3G Router may help out; although it’s designed as an ADSL router, it has a 3G failback capability (ie when the ADSL line is down, it will use a 3G USB Modem instead).  Now, because this isn’t being sold by any particular network, it’s not limited to one mobile network, and also supports a whole range of USB Modems, including a number of ZTE models as well.  It can even support some mobile phones being connected via USB if you have one lying around spare.

As the Solwise has both an ethernet port and Wi-Fi capability, it can act as a nice portable connection sharing device too. The Solwise is a little more expensive at £60 though (although for another few pounds you can get a Euro plug adaptor for the same device given you the ability to use it across Europe; although use a local SIM or be prepared for some horrendous data roaming charges!).

Both these devices still have one problem; the USB Mobile Broadband Dongle has to be physically located close to the main unit (and hence a power socket); if this location does not have the best 3G signal, then you should head over to Mobile Fun, who sell external aerials and signal boosters for the majority of USB Modems on the market (and have some generic ones for those without external antenna sockets).  Finally, it’s not clear if Carphone Warehouse are selilng the Black or White variant (or if you get a choice when ordering online), so it may be prudent to go to your local store if you are looking for a particular colour.

We should say that T-Mobile have a similar unit, but it’s only available with a new Mobile Broadband contract, so if you already have a device, there’s no wasy way of purchasing one…


Who will be selling the Nokia N97 first (or at all…)

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Nokia N97

Well, it looks like O2 may be the first, with the current rumours stating they will have the device on sale from 15th June, with Carphone Warehouse selling it from the following week (22nd or 23rd June).  We already know Vodafone have stated they will be carrying the device “from July” (it’s quite common for the mobile networks to change the lineup / deals on the 1st of the month).  Putting the phone on sale in mid-June is an interesting position for O2, given the new iPhone(s) will be released around the same time; although again, the rumours are that if there are multiple new iPhone devices launched, it’s possible not all will be sold by O2 in the UK…

So, who else will be carrying the Nokia N97? Companies like Mobile Fun are already allowing pre-orders, and expect stock around the same time Carphone Warehouse plan to release the phone, but will the other networks be carrying the phone?  Our opinions, based on historic phone releases and current market conditions:

  • T-Mobile? Possibly, but we’re not too sure
  • Orange? Most likely, but no release date yet
  • 3 UK? Possibly, but it’s likely to be released later than the other networks

As for pricing, we’d expect the phone to be free on contacts over £40 (it might need a 24 month contract though), and we’re already hearing widely different SIM free pricing (Carphone Warehouse are likely to charge £690, whereas Mobile Fun are already over £150 cheaper than that).  Of course, as we covered here, Carphone Warehouse will have the exclusive on the White version for some while, possibly up to 3 months, so we know that the networks will only be offering the Black version.

What’s interesting (as an aside); the Nokia E75 is already released, yet none of the networks seem to be selling it directly.  Oh, and we’ve had confirmation now from Nokia UK that the Copper Yellow Nokia E75 will not be available as an official UK colour, leaving only the Black (Grey Steel) and Red versions, both of which are already available in the UK from companies such as Mobile Fun.


Mobile Fun’s Easter Clearout finishes Friday

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun are running an Easter Clearout, but it finishes this Friday.  All sorts of goodies and accessories are included, so why not head over and have a look at their range.  If you are looking to spend more than a few pounds with them, don’t forget to use the offer code included on the UK Gadgeteer Offers page.


Bluetooth Multipoint

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Movon mk30

Do you have two mobiles? Maybe a work phone / BlackBerry and a personal one?  Well, if you do, how do you handle using them legally in the car; some people have two forms of Handsfree, but Bluetooth Multipoint is likely to be a better answer.  Multipoint allows the Bluetooth device to establish multiple connections *at the same time* to the various phones, and then when a call comes in, will route that phone to the headset / handsfree kit and allow the call to proceed.

It can also be used at home to allow your SIP / Skype VOIP client and your mobile to share a single headset.

For more information on this fairly new innovation and a list of devices that support it today, head over to Mobile Fun‘s website where they have written up a list of devices supporting Bluetooth Multipoint.

Out of the range featured, we quite like the Movon Bluetooth Car Kit MK30, as it also features an OLED display, allowing you to leave those 2 mobiles in your jacket / handbag.

Picture courtesy of Mobile Fun.


Massive Nokia E75 review with lots of pictures and UK colour news

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Nokia E75 Black

Although we are still waiting to get our hands on a Nokia E75, Mobile Review have managed to, and have produced a lengthy review with lots of screenshots, including comparisons with other Nokia devices.  Head over to here for the review, and you may want to read their S60 3rd Edition FP2 review too, to show some of the key differences between FP1 and FP2.

In other Nokia E75 news, we hear that Mobile Fun should be updating their Nokia E75 pre-order page with colour choices sometime this week, although Nokia have not yet confirmed that the Copper-Yellow colour option will be available in the UK; the Black-Silver and Red colours are definitely coming to the UK though.

Update: Mobile Fun are accepting orders for the Black and Red versions, and you can register interest in the Copper-Yellow version, so if it becomes available, they they will notify you at that point and will offer priority ordering to those who have pre-registered interest.


Nokia release E75 promo video

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Nokia E75 Red

Mobile Fun

Here’s the new Nokia E75 promotional video…

Interesting that Nokia say that the E75 is “Designed for email”; we say it’s designed for the connected person, as this device should prove useful for those using social networking sites, as well as those who just need access to email.  The QWERTY keyboard will be the key selling point for this phone, although some people are concerned about the slightly smaller battery and less internal memory compared to phones such as the Nokia E71 or the new Nokia E55.

If you are thinking the Nokia E55 is the phone for you, then this short video (again by Nokia) might be interesting…

Unlike the Nokia E55, which is not due for a few more months, the E75 should ship in the UK around the middle of March, and is already on pre-order direct from Nokia UK (currently in Red only, although the Red colour is growing on us) for £379, or you can pre-order the Nokia E75 (no colour stated) from Mobile Fun for £350.

E75 video provided courtesy of Just Another Mobile Phone Blog.


Innovative miniature USB car charger

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Miniature USB Car Charger

Mobile Fun

If you fancy leaving a USB car charger device in your car permanently, but don’t like the look of a normal device that sticks out (both physically and asthetically) then this might be the solution for you.  This miniature USB car charger is exclusive to Mobile Fun at the moment (in the UK) and is less than £15.  That’s more than a normal USB car charger, but in this case, you are paying for something that is more discrete.  If your current mobile phone / mp3 player charging cable has a car cigarette adaptor on the end, then Mobile Fun also have a range of USB based charging cables to help you out.

Head over to Mobile Fun for more information, although don’t forget the UK Gadgeteer Offers page currently includes a Mobile Fun offer.


Mobile Fun launch new website and offer

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Mobile Fun

Mobile Fun have just relaunched their website with a new fresh look.  Along with this, we can offer you a special discount.  Click on the Mobile Fun banner above, and then select your items to purchase.  When you checkout, add the promotional code MFAWFEB9 to gain a £5 discount if your order is over £40.  This is a one code per order, one code per customer offer, and only valid during February.