Dell Streak available tomorrow from O2

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This is a very interesting device, and one I had the fortune to get a sneak peek Hands On with last week.  This is a 5″ tablet phone, which I have to say is a little large to hold up to your ear when on a call, so you might want to budget for a Bluetooth Headset to not look quite so silly, or simply add this to your existing phone with a data only contract (more later).  However, it’s running Android, and features a very nice touchscreen, which can take the knocks of every day life (I saw the blunt end of a knife be punched into the screens of 2 devices and neither suffered any problems with the touchscreen still working fine straight afterwards).  Obviously Dell & O2 don’t condone this level of abuse, and do warn that there are still certain angles where a drop onto a hard floor will still cause serious damage, but at least it’s a little tougher than many, and features something called Gorilla Glass to provide that protection.

The device I saw had a range of additional Android applications installed onto them, so although I can’t comment on what comes as standard with the device, they seem to have full support of the Android Marketplace, and hence there is a whole raft of additional applications that can be installed.

Although I didn’t get long with the devices, they seemed to be coping with many demos without a major impact on battery life, although that obviously needs a longer trial to establish whether it can last more than the common single day of usage.

O2, however, are offering the phone on a whole host of tariff options, ranging from the 30-day rolling Simplicity contracts (the Dell Streak 32GB will cost £399 upfront on all Simplicity contracts) to the high end £60 per month “unlimited” everything 24-month contract (where the device will be free).

24 month smartphone tariffs

Included minutes Included data & Wi-Fi Included texts Monthly cost Streak 16GB cost Streak 32GB cost
100 Unlimited Unlimited £25 £149 £249
300 Unlimited Unlimited £30 £59 £149
600 Unlimited Unlimited £35 Free £89
900 Unlimited Unlimited £40 Free £59
1200 Unlimited Unlimited £45 Free Free
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £60 Free Free

18 month smartphone tariffs

Included minutes Included data & Wi-Fi Included texts Monthly cost Streak 16GB cost Streak 32GB cost
100 Unlimited Unlimited £30 £149 £249
300 Unlimited Unlimited £35 £59 £149
600 Unlimited Unlimited £40 Free £89
900 Unlimited Unlimited £45 Free £59
1200 Unlimited Unlimited £50 Free Free
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £65 Free Free

The Smartphone tariffs above offer unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi at thousands of BT Openzone and The Cloud hotspots as well as a wide range of minutes.

12 month simplicity tariffs

Included minutes Included data & Wi-Fi Included texts Monthly cost Streak 16GB cost Streak 32GB cost
300 Unlimited Unlimited £15 £349 £399
600 Unlimited Unlimited £20 £349 £399
900 Unlimited Unlimited £25 £349 £399
1200 Unlimited Unlimited £30 £349 £399
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £45 £349 £399

30 day simplicity tariffs

Included minutes Included data & Wi-Fi Included texts Monthly cost Streak 16GB cost Streak 32GB cost
300 Unlimited Unlimited £20 £349 £399
600 Unlimited Unlimited £25 £349 £399
900 Unlimited Unlimited £30 £349 £399
1200 Unlimited Unlimited £35 £349 £399
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited £50 £349 £399

Again, it’s nice to see Wi-Fi at hotspots included even on these tariffs.

However, maybe the biggest area of interest will be the Data Only options, where the device isn’t actually used as a phone at all, but instead, concentrates on it’s capabilities as an Internet Tablet…

Contract length Included data Included Wi-Fi Monthly cost Streak 16GB cost Streak 32GB cost
24 months 3GB 500MB £25 Free* £99
24 months 3GB Unlimited £30 Free £49
18 months 3GB Unlimited £15 £349 £399
18 months 1GB Unlimited £10 £349 £399
1 month 3GB Unlimited £15 £399 £449
1 month 1GB Unlimited £10 £449 £449

* The 16GB Dell Streak is free on a £25 a month 24 month tariff until 30 June 2010, after which it’ll cost £49.

Although there’s quite a jump from the £15 per month 18-month contract to the £30 per month 24-month contract, with the smaller outlay of the phone itself, it works out roughly the same cost (within £10) over 24 months on both.

The specs of the device (taken from Dell) include:

  • A sharp 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA (800×480) display for a great full-screen experience watching video or browsing the web
  • Fast 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor from Qualcomm
  • 5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash that offers easy point & shoot capability and quick uploads to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more
  • VGA front-facing camera enables video chat functionality down the road
  • A user-removable (and replaceable) battery
  • A 3.5mm headphone jack means many of you can use the Dell Streak as the music source (and more) in your car
  • Integrated 3G + Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + Bluetooth 2.1 (think headsets, external keyboards, stereo headsets, etc.)
  • UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio with link speeds of HSDPA 7.2 Mbps / HSUPA
  • A user-accessible Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB. That means you can store  lots of movies, music, photos or other kinds of files.

On the software side, here’s what you can expect:

  • A customized multi-touch version of the Google Android operating system that features Dell user interface enhancements
  • Access to over 38,000  apps (and growing) via the Android Marketplace
  • Microsoft Exchange connectivity and integration through TouchDown
  • Google Voice support
  • Integrated Google Maps with voice-activated search, turn-by-turn navigation, street and satellite views
  • Quick access to activity streams via integrated social network app widgets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

The only downside I can see to the device right now, is that I believe it ships with Android 1.6, although it’s likely that Android 2.1 or 2.2 will become available as an update, but not until later in the year (we’re hearing September).  The device as it stands, though, will be available tomorrow from O2 Stores and the O2 website.

I should point out as part of our “Not Unlimited” campaign, that I doubt that any of these “unlimited” references actually get you unlimited service, but O2 have not yet provided the detail behind what the actual unlimited limits are.


Vodafone update their netbook range

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Vodafone netbook (Dell Mini 10)

Vodafone has, in the past, provided the Dell Mini 9 as their “Vodafone netbook”, available on a 24-month contract with built in 3G capability.  Vodafone stopped selling the Dell Mini 9 a few months back, but have now announced that they are replacing it with the newer Dell Mini 10, which offers more facilities…

As well as the 10.1″ display, Dell have included a 160GB Hard Disk (the Dell Mini 9 used much smaller SSD for storage), and it ships with 1GB of RAM, which should be sufficient as the machine is running XP.

Head over to the Vodafone website for more details of the new Vodafone netbook, which should be available for free with either 1GB of data per month for £25 per month (24-month contract), or 3GB of data for £30 per month (24-month contract).


Nokia announce their move into laptops

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Nokia Booklet 3G

This is the new Nokia Booklet 3G, a small form factor laptop (similar to many other devices, like the Vodafone netbook / Dell Mini units).  This, however, as well as featuring what appears to be a Windows OS, will also include some special features.  Firstly, like some other units, it will have 3G capabilities built in, possibly via a hot-swappable SIM card slot (allowing you to change or remove the SIM with the machine booted up).  It will also have A-GPS facilities for location based services.  Now, let’s remember that other devices, such as the Dell Mini 9 have similar capabilities, so this isn’t yet a unique device.

It will though, ship will access to a number of the Ovi Services, which will make a difference, including Ovi Maps (device widget), Nokia Music Store (including music streaming), Ovi Files (cloud based file storage), and Ovi Suite, allowing syncing with your mobile.

The spec, what little is currently known, looks good on paper: 10″ glass fronted screen, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 120GB Hard Disk, HDMI port, integrated SD card reader, stereo speakers.

If you want to know more about this device, head over to All About Symbian.  More information is likely to be revealed by Nokia next week at their Nokia World event, where we expect a number of the phones we’ve covered recently to be announced as well.


Fancy a Dell Mini 9, with 3G, but without a contract?

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Vodafone Dell netbook

Ever since we tried the Vodafone netbook, aka Dell Mini 9 with 3G, we have been impressed by the device; it’s small, lightweight, but still powerful enough for most needs.  However, until recently the only way to get one with the 3G module was via the networks like Vodafone, but now, to offer a choice, they are available from PC World.

PC World are selling the Dell Mini 9 for £299 with 3G, Bluetooth, 8GB SSD, 1GB RAM, and a webcam, although they are also selling the Dell Mini 10 for £329 (which offers the larger screen, and a much larger 160GB HDD, and it’s available in a range of colours too). Even better, most of the networks have yet to offer the Dell Mini 10 with 3G, so this may be a way to upgrade to a larger screen whilst still in your existing mobile broadband contract…

News of this deal courtesy of


4 offers not available direct from Vodafone

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

As part of bringing you all the technology news, we are sometimes able to offer deals not generally available on the high street.  Earlier this month, we announced an offer on the Pocket Surfer 2, and this week we are able to offer 4 deals over and above just heading off to the Vodafone website and ordering.  All these deals need you to sign up to contracts, but if you were already planning on doing so, then the little extra each offer includes may just help…

Samsung Tocco with Free Sports Bag

Get a Samsung Tocco on a 18 month contract with 600 mins and Unlimited texts for just £30 a month and get a FREE red sports bag.  To sign up, click here.

Samsung Soul with FREE Bose headphones

Get a Samsung Soul on a 18 month contract with 600 minutes and Unlimited texts for just £25 a month, and get a FREE set of Bose headphones. To sign up, click here.

Dell netbook with FREE 2GB memory Stick

Get a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook on a 24 month, 3GB plan for the fantastic price of just £15 for the first three months and £30 thereafter, and get a FREE 2GB USB memory stick. To sign up, click here.

BlackBerry Storm with FREE Sandisk 8GB Micro SD memory card

Get a BlackBerry Storm on a 24 month contract with 600 min and Unlimited Texts for just £35 a month and get a FREE compatible Sandisk 8GB Micro SD memory card. To sign up, click here.

Full details and any specific terms and conditions are listed on the Vodafone website.


Vodafone netbook – Review

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Well, our review Vodafone netbook arrived on Friday, and we’ve been using it on and off since then; in fact, this article was written completely on the netbook!  Having turned it on, we were impressed the battery came sufficiently charged to get going, although the completion of the XP install took quite some time (as always).  Having got that working, we were impressed by the screen; the 8.9″ screen is nice and clear, and runs at 1024 x 600, which is just big enough; less than 1024 width causes problems on lots of websites, although the 600 height is often not enough, with many websites needed additional scrolling to read.

One thing that the Dell Mini 9 doesn’t have, which was brought out by all that additional vertical scrolling is the lack of a scroll area on the touchpad, something we are used to from larger laptops.  Having said that, the addition of an external scroll mouse has removed most of the problems with the touchpad, by virtue of not using it 😉

Although the whole keyboard is less than full size, a number of the symbol keys are even smaller again, which makes them more difficult to touch type on (eg the comma key is the same size as the main keys but the period key next to it is smaller), but generally the keyboard is acceptable, especially given the size of the unit.

In terms of software installed, there’s a nice range pre-installed, including Microsoft Works and viewers for the various Office document types, Dell video chat and webcam software, McAfee (30 day license only though), and a WiFi / Bluetooth connection application.  We were a little disappointed at the lack of IE7 and the 129Mb of Microsoft patches that were needed straight away, which has of course eaten further into the 8GB SSD Flash it came with.

Overall, our initial impressions are that it’s a nice, small little laptop, and very easy to use and cart around.  Our only other problem; despite what the Vodafone website says, the device claims we are only in a GPRS area, ie no 3G, so we’ve yet to test the Mobile Broadband in anger; more updates later in the week on that.

Update: The Dell Mini 9 does have vertical scroll support in the touchpad, but only after a fresh boot; if you use standby mode, this support seems to get lost on resume, especially if an external mouse is attached, whereas it’s fine on a cold boot even with an external mouse plugged in.

Oh, and once we had connected to Vodafone in a 3G area, all was sorted out, including then listing the original location as a 3G supported area.


Fancy winning a netbook…?

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Here’s a very good challenge for you.  Vodafone are currently giving away 4 Dell netbook laptops every day until the end of next week.  There are two ways of winning…

  • Every day, he will be in a different city, and if you can pinpoint him and catch him, you then need to say a specific phrase (available on the website); he will give away 3 netbooks like this each day.
  • Once a day, the person who closest predicts his location will win a netbook too.

Head over to the Vodafone LiveGuy site for more information, his schedule, and more details on how to win; in the meantime we’re hoping to get hold of a Dell Mini Inspiron 9 for review.  To remind you, the specs are:

  • Built in Mobile Broadband (up to 7.2mbps, although realistically you will only get about 5mbps), but this is one of a very small handful of units where the HSDPA is built in; ie you just need a SIM card
  • 232 x 175 x 30 mm, 990g
  • 8.9inch LCD display
  • 8GB SSD hard drive running Windows XP with 1GB RAM
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Webcam

If you don’t win one, you can always a Vodafone netbook for free from Vodafone, at either £25 per month (1GB data limit, 24 month contract) or £30 per month (3GB data limit, 24 month contract).


Vodafone to offer laptop

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Along with many other networks and even Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone are offering a laptop / mobile broadband offer.  However, what’s different with this deal is that the laptop is a Dell, and it’s got built in HSDPA.  The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is an Eee-like machine, and with the built in HSDPA should sell very well.  Exact prices are yet to be revealed, but this is likely to be popular with small businesses.  It also appears that Vodafone have managed to get an exclusive on this Dell as well for Europe.


Free Dell Laptop with a 3 USB Modem

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

3 USM Modem Black

Carphone Warehouse have launched a new deal. For £35 per month (18 month contract), you get the 3 USB Modem, with 3Gb of data and 200 SMS text messages per month. However, they are also providing a free Dell laptop as part of a complete mobile broadband solution. This compares with paying around £350 for the laptop, and £15 per month for the usb modem. This means at the end of the 18 months, the cost is about the same, but it may be easier for people to finance without the initial cost of the laptop.

Thanks to SMS Text News.


Dell PCs to be available from Tesco too

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Dell PC

After announcing a deal to sell selected Dell PCs and Laptops via DSG, Dell have now announced a deal with Tescos to make their computers available from the majority of Tesco stores.