BT announce new HD BT Vision manufacturer

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

BT Vision

Although they haven’t announced the actual box itself, BT have announced that Pace Group will be building them HD versions of their BT Vision boxes. These will feature a more powerful processor, better energy efficiency, and hard drive capacity able to store around 80 hours of standard definition video content.

Story courtesy of Tech Digest.


BT to help business offer WiFi services

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

BTFon Logo

BT has announced that it will be helping it’s BT Business Total Broadband customers to turn their premises into WiFi Hotspots, allowing visitors to be able to access the Internet without having access to the business customer’s network. The press release mentions the BT FON community, and we wonder whether they are planning to offer the BT FON community offering currently only available to home users. Interestingly, the press release even makes mention of these visitors being able to make VOIP calls, an interesting statement from a company historically reliant upon call revenue…

More information as we can obtain it.

Thanks to Mark at Automated Home for alerting us to this article.