Vodafone dropping 18 month contracts

September 11th, 2012 Tags:

Just a quick headsup for anyone considering a new Vodafone contract in the next month or so; next week, Vodafone will be removing all 18 month contracts from sale, leaving most people with only the option for 24 month contracts, especially if you are looking for a new phone too.  Obviously other SIM Only contracts will continue to be offered, and their 24 month contracts have always seemed a little better value than their 18 month contracts anyway, but I thought it worth pointing out the change whilst everyone still had a few days to get the shorter contract.

My understanding is that the 18 month plans will all be removed by 19th September, although some 12 month deals will remain. As part of these changes, Vodafone will be pushing their new Red plans more, which generally offer unlimited minutes and texts, but will ‘only’ offer 1GB of data a month, so will not offer much to those heavy data users who rely upon the unlimited deals of Vodafone‘s competitors.


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