Three competing in roaming deals too

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Last month I talked about the new Vodafone roaming deals, and the new offer of £3 per day to access your existing UK bundle. Well, Three UK also launched their offer; for £5 per day, you get All You Can Eat data for 24 hours (I assume it’s UK time, not local time). You also can’t (yet) buy this upfront for a whole holiday (you can buy in the UK on the day before you travel to cover the first day), or you can wait until you arrive and 3UK will text you details. It’s not the same as The One Plan; there’s no tethering allowed, and the quality of the roaming network may not be as good as the UK network which has been designed for high volumes of data, but it may be better than nothing.

As it’s the Euro Internet Pass, it doesn’t apply to all countries (especially those outside of the EU), but the 3UK website does have a list of countries that are and aren’t covered by it. Another small nice feature; the Euro Internet Pass website is actually free to access whilst roaming (though you would need to watch out for other background applications spotting the active connection which would be charged until you sign up for the day).

Obviously, if you were on a two week holiday, the costs are still going to mount up (eg 14 days would cost £70), but given that would provide you unlimited data usage, it’s not a bad deal, and if it helps to keep the kids happy, it may well be worth it. Local SIMs (or my suggestions for limiting data costs) may well help, but for those who use a lot of data, this may well be a sensible way forward.

For more information, head to the 3UK website.

Update: As Darren has pointed out in the comments, this only applies to phone contracts, and not Mobile Broadband or MiFi contracts.


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  1. Darren Says:

    Just a note on this: I’ve checked, double-checked and triple-checked and this can ONLY be used with 3 phone handsets. For reasons I don’t understand, it does not apply to MiFis. I know, because I’m taking a holiday in Europe soon and wanted to take my MiFi with me. In the end, I wound up buying a Spanish PAYG SIM and unlocking my MiFi so I could use local data instead, which can only be cheaper I guess. Even so, I do think its daft that 3 roll this out and then fail to apply it to the one thing where people would arguably use it most. I also hate that everything around roaming and charges is so opaque. 3 should not announce this without making it VERY clear that it doesn’t apply across their entire service. Very annoying – though ultimately their loss as I’ll now be paying my money to Spanish Vodafone and not them…

  2. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    Good point, and I’ve added a comment to the post about this. Personally, with the One Plan allowing AYCE and tethering, I’d like to see 3UK offer a similar tariff for Mobile Broadband / MiFi contracts with a similar AYCE tariff, even if in the short term they could only offer this in the UK.

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