Pre Order Nokia Lumia 800 now

November 4th, 2011 Tags: , , ,

If you want to be one of the first to own the new Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800, then it’s now available to pre order from Vodafone in the UK.  The phone will be free, but it comes with a 24-month contract, which offers 900 cross network minutes, “unlimited” texts (likely capped at a few thousand), 750MB of data per month, and you’ll get 2GB of BT OpenZone Wi-Fi included too.

When I last checked, you could still get delivery planned for Wednesday 16th November, ie the first day the phone will be available, although you should check with Vodafone whether this is still the case when you order.  If you are wanting to port your existing phone number, you need to let Vodafone know about when you order, as unlike some of the other networks, you cannot do this afterwards.

One benefit of Vodafone is that you “Test Drive” their data networks with pretty much no limits over the first 3 months, and then choose whether you need to increase the included data allowance.  Also, it’s possible you will be eligible for a £60 voucher discount (£10 voucher each month for 6 months to spend at places like Amazon and Starbucks); this and other information will be made available via a joint Vodafone / Nokia website here.

It looks like most of the other networks will be carrying the Nokia Lumia 800 as well, but not all are (yet) offering pre order options.


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