Orange launch data roaming bundle, but only if you use it

July 15th, 2011 Tags: , ,

This is quite a good deal.  Obviously I would like to see the daily cost drop to a level closer to UK data rates, but I like the idea; Orange will now charge you £3 per day for data whilst roaming, and that £3 gives you up to 30MB within that day.  However, you only get charged if you use any data, so if you went abroad and only used data on 2 days of your holiday, you would limit your bill, and not be charged for every day.

If you want to buy more data, or just have a bit more flexibility, then Orange are also offering bundles that last 30 days:

  • 30MB of data over 30 days: £15
  • 150MB of data over 30 days: £50
  • 500MB of data over 30 days: £150

Now, it’s starting to look expensive; when many of us have more than 500MB included within our monthly bill within the UK, £150 for that same amount of data is very high, but looking at it the other way; £3 a day will start to mount up over a 2 week holiday.

Information from What Mobile.


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