Has the 3UK AYCE gamble paid off; it seems so

June 10th, 2011 Tags: ,

I was able to chat with 3UK last night about their current “All You Can Eat” data contracts they now offer.  Not just are they happy for users to use as much data as they like, they have studied the actual results now it’s been available for a while, which are quite interesting.  3UK confirmed that although some of the users do manage to use up a large amount of data each month, most customers average around 1GB of data.

Similar to the PAYG statistics I obtained last year, it’s clear that most people don’t need or use excessive amounts of data, but those customers want to be free to do so, and not in fear of extra charges or getting cut off, and for that, I think the gamble for 3UK to offer such a deal has paid off.


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