New firmware version for Nokia E7

March 28th, 2011 Tags: , , , , , ,

Since Nokia moved to OTA Updates with UDP (User Data Preservation), it’s been a lot easier, and a lot less painful to update a Nokia phone with firmware updates, and as a result, our regular feature for pointing out when specific operators released their specific versions of firmware updates has stopped.  This is partly because many of the UK mobile network operators have actually got faster at releasing updates, and hence the need to point out how bad they are has gone away.

Anyway, although only just starting to ship, the new Nokia E7 has received an update to v14, which is a fairly minor update.  The major update still due for the Nokia N8 as well as the Nokia E7 is likely to come in the next few months (it’s already available to selected sources, so is unlikely to be too far away), and then there will be a further UI refresh later in the year.

This last point is key; despite announcing a move away from Symbian to Windows Phone, Nokia is not going to ignore the many millions of current Symbian phone users, and still plans to provide updates over the coming quarters; how long this continues though is not yet clear.


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