Linking existing Flickr account to BT Internet for free Pro account

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If you use BT Internet as your ISP, one of the perks open to you is a free Flickr Pro account (as part of the service comes from BT Yahoo!). However, if you already have an existing non-Pro Flickr account with lots of photos, it’s not obvious how to link the two together, but there is a way, although it takes a little bit of time and some careful actions.

I’ve listed all the steps (as I remember them!) however, if there are any mistakes in this process, please provide updates to me, and please don’t blame me (or UK Gadgeteer) should you lose access to your account, or any of your existing photos.

The important thing to understand is that each Flickr account is linked to a Yahoo account, but it’s possible to change the underlying Yahoo account used; in essence this process creates a new Yahoo account (which is granted Pro status) and then links this new Yahoo account with your old Flickr account.  This process will leave you with a new Flickr account that’s not connected to a Yahoo ID, and an old Yahoo ID that’s not connected to Flickr; you’ve receive an email about the Flickr account, and you can choose to delete this.

The overall steps are:

1. Head to the BT Yahoo! homepage from your ADSL line, login, and click on the Flickr link (in the column on the left under “BT Y! Services”); if you’ve never accessed this page before you may find the first time you do this it needs to be from Internet Explorer, as Firefox will leave you with a blank page.

2. Follow the steps to create a new Flickr account using your BTInternet email address and existing password & once complete, you should see this is listed as a Flickr Pro account.

3. Logout (select Sign Out)

4. Go directly to the Flickr Homepage and login with your original Flickr account (using a standard Yahoo account; you may have to select to login with a different account, as it’s likely to pre-populate this with your BTInternet details).  If you are still logged in, go to step 3!

5. Go into Your Account (selected from the arrow dropdown to the right of the “You” in the main menu).

6. In the “Your Yahoo! account” there should be an option to “Use a different Yahoo! ID for this Flickr account“; it’s not always there, if it’s not, go back to step 3 and try again.

7. Provide your BT Internet details.

That’s it! Your old Flickr account should now be associated with the BT Internet / BT Yahoo account, which offers a free Flickr Pro (whilst you remain with BT Internet) and will be a Flickr Pro account.

I can’t take the credit for this process; thanks should go to @tweetymike (aka Mike Stead from INQ Mobile) who provided me with the information originally, however, as already stated, neither myself, Mike, UK Gadgeteer or INQ Mobile accept any responsibility for any problems you encounter.


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  1. FedUp Says:

    A word of caution on this one. A similar set up through ATandT in collaboration with Yahoo that gave certain high-end DSL users free pro accounts on Flickr didn’t work out so well for some folks. First, if you are renting and your apartment complex changes services you lose your pro account. Second, if the contract between Yahoo and BT goes south, you are hosed there as well. That is exactly what happened to the Yahoo/ATandT partnership deal. One day ATandT decided they weren’t playing that game anymore and those folks who never worried about unlimited photo uploads suddenly got stuck with the last 200 images only. They could get their other photos back if they paid for their own pro account. Otherwise, they were just out of luck, often times without warning. Beware.

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