Vodafone Offer: Free Broadband Dongle with phone contract

February 7th, 2011 Tags: , ,

Running until the end of February, if you take out a Vodafone phone contract (some limits apply; see next paragraph), then you can enter the code “PAYGMB” as part of the Checkout process and you will get a free PAYG Mobile Broadband USB Dongle along with your Vodafone phone contract.

To qualify for this deal, you’ll need to select one of:

  • A 18 month contract costing £35 and over
  • A 24 month contract costing £30 and over
  • A 12 month SIM Only deal (£20 and £25 only)

You’ll also need to buy the phone contract online, as this is an online only promotion run by Vodafone.


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