T-Mobile backs down on data changes (a little)

January 13th, 2011 Tags: ,

T-Mobile has backed down on it’s plans to introduce a flat rate of 500MB for all customers that it announced earlier this week.  Instead, this new 500MB rate will only apply to “new and upgrading” customers; so when you reach the end of your current contract and select a new phone or a new tariff you will now be subject to the new limit.

Interestingly, T-Mobile have also clarified further that there are no charges for exceeding the 500MB, and although web and email will continue to work other services (including simple file downloads as well as streaming services) may be restricted.  Also, for the heavy users, they are recommending they add a Mobile Broadband package to their tariff to provide an additional 500MB allowance (although they have not provided any details or costs of exactly how this would work).

T-Mobile have updated their webpage here to reflect their updated plans.


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