Pixelpipe release new Symbian version

November 17th, 2010 Tags: , , , , ,

Pixelpipe have updated their Send & Share application to v1.02.  This new version adds:

  • You can now select service(s) for upload from a GUI with the new ‘Destinations’ field in advance of upload
  • New enhanced UI for handsets with Qt installed
  • Ability to specify a reduction value for resolution of photos from 100-25% under Pixelpipe/Options/Settings/Image Resolution
  • Single service upload plug-ins for over 25 services. These plug-ins are currently in beta & simply allow you to select the service for upload by name from the Send menu.

The screenshot above shows the difference between a “normal” handset, and a newer handset with the Qt support installed.  This I have to say, makes the application look and feel much nicer, and it’s nice to see Pixelpipe embedding everything into a single application install that can provide the best UI as available to the user.  It should be pointed out that Send & Share needs a minimum of S60 3rd Edition FP2, which rules out many popular Nokia phones such as the Nokia E71; however, for the majority of phones launched in the last year or two, this version will work fine.  For those elder handsets, Pixelpipe are still supporting their Share Online method.

This new version is available direct from Pixelpipe (here), and should soon be available in the Ovi Store.

Update: It’s now available in the Ovi Store.


2 Responses to “Pixelpipe release new Symbian version”

  1. Pixelpipe Says:

    It looks like the link to our site wasn’t included, can you add http://blog.pixelpipe.com/2010/11/03/pixelpipe-send-share-1-02-for-symbian-heres-whats-new/ to the article when you have a chance? We’ll go live in Ovi in the next day or two so it’s just temporary that the user will need to install from our blog.

    Thanks for the coverage!

  2. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    Link added, and article updated to reflect it is now live in the Ovi Store.

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