3UK offering access to The Times

November 16th, 2010 Tags: , ,

When The Times newspaper started to charge a subscription for their online content, a lot of people stopped accessing the site.  Now, 3UK are offering a way to continue accessing it…

From today, if you sign up to a Mobile Broadband package, 3UK will give you 3 months of free access to The Times (and The Sunday Times) websites.  At the end of the 3 month period, it’ll depend on what sort of contract you have.  For monthly contract customers, you can continue paying via direct debit for £2 per week, but PAYG Mobile Broadband customers who top up every 30 days will continue to get free access to The Times and The Sunday Times for the following month.

I have to say this seems to give PAYG Mobile Broadband users the best offer; top up your Mobile Broadband dongle every month, and you can continue to have free access to The Times website; that seems a good deal.

Update: 3UK have confirmed that the free access is for 3 months and the offer ends 31 March 2011.  You can request an access code (here) and it will be sent, although it can take up to 14 days to arrive.  3UK have also confirmed this offer only applies to Mobile Broadband Dongles, and does NOT apply to the 3UK MiFi device.  Also, after the 3 months is up, even with a regular TopUp on PAYG, you will no longer get free access to the Apple iPad Application (which you should be able to access for free during the 3 months).


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