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November 1st, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , , have announced that as from November 17th there will be some changes to the stations available for users.  The detail of the major changes is here, although the key changes seem to be the removal of the Loved Tracks Radio, some playlists, and the Personal Tag Radio.  However, not all is lost, as have already announced that for certain platforms there will be a new Mix Radio option, which comprises brand new tracks, tracks you haven’t scrobbled but are from artists you know, and the rest are tracks you already know.

Although a fairly minor change, it will be interesting to see how these two changes are reflected across the many channels where is now available; will we see updated clients for the PURE Sensia, the Revo range of devices (Revo Ikon, Revo AXiS etc.), and of course the third party mobile clients such as those for Symbian (mobbler) and Maemo (the Vagalume author has already stated he is preparing a new version of the client to handle the station changes).

As with many things, integrating someone else’s service into your hardware (or developing a software client) is not that difficult, but keeping it up to date months and years after the original purchase is what’s important to consumers, so I will be keeping a good eye out for whether manufacturers step up to support these changes.


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  1. Hugo Says:

    Hello, Hugo from Mobbler here.

    The discontinued stations will indeed be removed from the next release, as there won’t be much point leaving them in if they won’t even play.

    And we’ve added the new Mix Radio to the next release. It’s very good, I’ve been enjoying playing it.



  2. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date with the status of mobbler Hugo.

  3. DG Says: should shame on themselves. I have been a subscriber for a long time, I have created a lot of my own playlists for all moods, and now I cannot play them anymore, they are all lost.
    I will just unsubscribe, and search for alternatives
    Really a shame!

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