Garmin launch golfing GPS watch

October 28th, 2010 Tags: ,

Although Garmin have already launched their first golf gps unit (the Garmin Approach G5), they recently added another unit, the Garmin Approach G3, and have now added a third golfing device, but this time it’s a watch! The Garmin Approach S1 offers a great range of features, especially if you don’t want the hassle of carrying around an additional device like the G3 or the G5.  It works out where you are on the course using its inbuilt GPS receiver and displays precise distances to the front, back and middle of greens ensuring you keep to time, on track and on par. It also comes preloaded with nearly 5000 European golf courses across Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

“Rugged and waterproof, Approach S1 weighs only 1.8 ounces, has an ultra-thin backlit display, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to eight hours in GPS mode and up to three weeks in watch mode – making it perfect for the boardroom, the bunkers and all points in between. In addition to the wide range of preloaded courses, Approach S1 features an easy-to-set alarm and automatic time and time zone detection, making it the perfect companion for travellers.

Once in golf mode, Approach S1 quickly acquires satellites and displays a list of nearby courses. Once a course is selected, three distances to each hole will always be provided – front, middle and back of the green – with those details being updated automatically and adjusted depending on the angle of approach. During the course of play, Approach S1 displays the hole number and par, and it automatically transitions from one hole to the next.

Once golfers begin a round in golf mode, they can easily transition between time of day and distances to green, and they can access the menu to measure the distance of their last shot to improve their game or shore up bragging rights. Acting as a GPS-enabled odometer, Approach S1 helps golfers track the total ground they’ve covered on foot during each round (or even on a walk over lunch) so that they can see the true health benefits of leaving the cart in the clubhouse.

Golfers can go to to check if their course is among those available for the Approach S1. At, golfers can also learn more about Garmin’s Approach G5 and Approach G3 touchscreen handhelds that feature preloaded course coverage and detailed vector mapping unlike anything used before on a golf course.”

A very interesting device, which should sell for around £179, although there’s no word on availability, I’m hearing rumours it’ll be on sale in time for Christmas.


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