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Normally when I read about a company with plans for a mobile solution, it’s often limited to one single platform (and way too many times that’s just the Apple iPhone, or Android, and the company thinks it can claim having a “mobile solution”).  Well, not; they’ve announced they want to produce a new mobile application that will allow you to buy tickets direct from your mobile, and what’s more, their idea of “mobile” covers the iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry devices, Nokia Symbian devices and even “many other mobiles”.

Covering such a range is what I like to see; and for that I feel should be praised. One interesting function within the app will be the ability to buy a ticket for “the next train home” (nicely integrating the timetable, location and time).  You’ll be able to collect your ticket from over 1000 train stations in the same way you’ve been able to from the website, however, what’s also interesting is that for some trains, you’ll be able to receive the ticket directly as a secure barcode on your mobile, which will act as the ticket, and no need to collect or hold onto anything.

It looks like in the short term, the iPhone version is available, as is the Symbian S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 version, with the BlackBerry and Android versions still “Coming Soon”.

Bringing mobile and ticketless train travel is something well worth talking about; planning to do this over every key mobile platform is even better, and deserves praise.

It’ll be interesting to see how their competitors (such as and the individual train operators) react to this.


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  1. Valuesurfer Says: doesn’t charge credit card fees and at the moment doesn’t have a Booking Fee, can’t be long before they enter the mobile market, surely?

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