3UK add new daily Mobile Broadband option

October 5th, 2010 Tags: ,

Do you only occasionally use your Mobile Broadband dongle? Do you want to have a nice chunk of data, but only occasionally.  Well, 3UK have updated their daily Mobile Broadband option and now you can get 500MB for the day at a cost of £2.  Now although £5 will still get you 1GB spread over 30 days, the old daily option used to offer a lot less data (although it was cheaper too); ultimately if you only use a really small amount of data each day, you may now find your overall cost has gone up (whether you now buy daily or monthly), but you will be getting more data for that price, allowing you to be less strict with your browsing in the first place.

As always, more information is available on this new pricing change at 3Store.


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