3UK changing their PAYG plans

September 20th, 2010 Tags: ,

3UK have launched a new PAYG plan, offering a variety of features, all for a low price:

Once you have placed your topup credit onto your phone (which naturally brings with it a number of free items such as free Twitter, Skype & Windows Live Messenger), you can then use the credit to buy an addon:



Add-on name All in One 10 All in one 15 All in One 25 3000 texts 300 Three-to-Three 500MB Internet Daily
Price £10 £15 £25 £5 £5 £5 50p
Text Messages 3000 3000 3000 3000
Minutes 100 300 500 300 Three-to-Three
Internet 500(MB) 500(MB) 1GB 500MB 120MB

So, before, adding the topup triggered free 3UK3UK calls, 150MB Internet access and a whole bunch of free text messages, whereas now the topup will only grant you the 150MB of Internet Access, with the 3UK3UK calls and texts only available via the Addons.  Of course, if you topup by £10 and convert that £10 to the All In One 10 Addon, you’ll get 100 cross network minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB of Internet, offering a more rounded range of options.

Although I am generally impressed with these, especially that you can gain internet access along with a range of texts and minutes, I’m intrigued to see there is a new “500MB” option for £5, whereas before “Internet Monthly” (also for £5) would gain you upto 2GB of data over the same 30 day period, and when questioned I couldn’t get a straight answer out of 3UK as to whether the “Internet Monthly” would still be available, or whether they had, in essence, moved the maximum amount of PAYG data from 2GB to 500MB for a month.  Of course, for many using 3UK regularly for data may be better with a contract, which now offers 1GB as standard per month.

However, 3UK did provide an interesting statistic; over two thirds of their PAYG customers do actually use some of their 150MB internet allowance having topped up, with many not using it all up.

All Add-ons last for up to 30 days, and you can use your credit on your PAYG account to buy Add-ons in two ways:

  • Call 444 free from their Three phone and select Buy Add-on Option
  • Go to My3 at Three.co.uk/My3 or on their phone and click on Buy Add-on Option


7 Responses to “3UK changing their PAYG plans”

  1. ScaredyCat Says:

    “Although I am generally impressed with these”

    I really don’t see what is impressive about it at all. You go from getting 150mb Internet, free 3-3 calls, skype, free texts to 150mb Internet. That’s not better is it. The free 3-3 calls is one of the driving forces to get your friends onto 3 – if that’s now gone there’s little point. The 3 network is weak to start with, the only reason to go for it is for the features and they’ve just removed those. I guess it’s time to switch to someone else – one of the benefits of PAYG, no contract period.

  2. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    I feel that the addons are good options, but I agree that the amount of free stuff with just the topup has gone rapidly down, and may put many off (though I’m not sure who’s actually better). Technically you still get the free Skype as well as the 150MB, but I agree moving the 3UK-3UK calls and free texts into the Addons will mean some will be losing out.

  3. mangaroo Says:

    add ons last upto 30 days where previously the free extras such as 3-3 calls lasted 90 days. Going backwards fast. Very disappointed.

  4. Davey Says:

    Well this has pissed me right off. I need my free 3-3 calls is it the new sim cards that the changes are with or is it all sim cards? As my old one has 3-3 which I lost and I got a new one and only found out after my credit ran out when calling my wife

  5. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    It is only new SIMs.

  6. ozzzyy Says:

    is 3 add on just for 3 to 3 calls? OR you can still call other networks aswell?

  7. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    Except where stated, I believe the minutes are cross network.

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