3UK MiFi 2 First Review

July 19th, 2010 Tags: ,

Although we’ve already covered a First Looks of the updated 3UK MiFi when it launched (see here), 3UK (and 3MobileBuzz) have kindly sent me a unit for review.  Although things like the dot matrix screen are very useful to see more detail (especially the signal strength and whether you are getting HSDPA), I have to say the single biggest benefit of the new unit is actually the fact that it only needs one button to turn it on and set it up; such a minor thing, but this one thing has made trialling the device so much easier.

I’ve yet to (need to) use the web administration interface, but just the knowledge it’s there and available (unlike the old unit) again makes it a better device. I’ll continue to trial the device, especially to look at battery life and how well it performs in a marginal signal area, but first impressions of using the device are that it’s well worthy of purchasing.


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