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We’ve covered giffgaff before, including making reference to their “unlimited” data, where we stated there was a 100Mb fair usage limit.  giffgaff have now clarified the situation, and we can confirm that this fair use limit does not always apply, and there are currently two options; unlimited data and free data; so what’s the difference…

If you just use the traditional TopUp system to buy credit then currently you can get “free” data.  This free data, which is subject to a 100MB per day limit was supposed to become chargeable from the end of this month, however, for O2 (the parent network) to implement the billing support was a major project, and O2 apparently offered giffgaff the choice between upgrading the O2 data network for everyone *or* providing the billing support, and giffgaff chose the network upgrade.  As such, giffgaff will start charging for their “PAYG data”, but not until the end of October (ie after both projects have completed).

However, as part of explaining all of this, giffgaff have also confirmed that if you buy a “GoodyBag” (most of which come with “unlimited” data) then their is no hard and fast fair use limit; I suspect they still reserve the right to cut off someone who is running the connection 24×7, but in general, you can use more than 100MB a day without immediate impact.

giffgaff have said they may need to change this unlimited option in the future, but for now it stands, even though O2 no longer offer an equivalent tariff.


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