New 3UK MiFi; any questions?

June 10th, 2010 Tags: , ,

I’m hoping to spend some time with 3UK and see their new 2nd generation 3UK MiFi device tonight.  The picture above may or may not be the design of the new 3UK MiFi (in a generic unbranded casing), although it’s quite likely, given this is the updated Huawei design.  In all respects it’s the same form factor, with the same buttons in the same places, but now features a dot matrix screen providing much more information that the 4 lights of the 1st generation device.

So, if you have any questions for 3UK or for the 3UK MiFi team, then please leave a comment on this post (they won’t be displayed but will be read before the event), or send us a tweet at @UKGadgeteer and we”ll do our best to raise your questions, and get answers for you.

One thing we will be asking about is a web interface; it appears the 1st generation 3UK MiFi was capable of having a web interface, but 3UK decided to disable that feature, and in all the feedback after the launch, the one question everyone asked about was a web interface, so we’ll be finding out whether 3UK have taken onboard the feedback…

Photo courtesy of Abul Hussain on Flickr.


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