Amazon remove $2 wireless delivery charge for UK

June 3rd, 2010 Tags: , , , , ,

Although it’s not unique to the UK, it looks like Amazon may have recently removed the $2 surcharge for the wireless delivery of eBooks to the International Kindle.  This means that, for example, many public domain books that would cost $2 are now free, as they are in the US.  This is a good move, and brings the pricing of their eBooks back inline with what we would expect; it’s also nice that they have done this across the board, and not created an updated Kindle (or even a “UK Kindle“) and upset early adopters.

We should clarify it looks like the delivery charge is removed but only whilst you are in your home country, so, for example, a UK registered International Kindle would not see the charge in the UK, but would in France.  This however, is a good start (although quite why there’s no charge for data usage of a US SIM roaming in the UK, but there is for the same US SIM roaming in France I’m not sure, beyond a marketing decision…)

Now of course, Amazon just need to open up the browser to offer more than free browsing of Wikipedia, and the device really will reach it’s full potential (although there are rumours this has changed too…)


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