Novatel MiFi update

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Novatel Mifi 2352

Well, I’ve been using the Novatel 2352 MiFi device for a few months now, and the most important thing that I can say about it is that it remains one of the first things that I look for when going away travelling (whether personal or business); in fact, using it with a PAYG SIM ready for whenever needed has proved very useful over the time I have had the device for review.  I’ll write up my full findings soon, but this is a device well worth considering.

Of course, it’s about the function of the device as much as the particular device; so things like the 3UK MiFi (which is available for a lot less on PAYG) shouldn’t be discounted.  In fact, you could even buy the 3UK MiFi and iPod Touch bundle for less than you can buy the Novatel device SIM-free (of course, SIM free offers other benefits).

As I’ve said before (see here), the web interface management of the Novatel 2352 makes it easier to use than the 3UK MiFi (although I do have access to information on how to enable the web interface on the 3UK MiFi, as it was apparently disabled in the 3UK-specific firmware), and the need to only press one button for everything to turn on and setup can’t be discounted either, but at roughly 3 times the price, it’s more difficult to justify the purchase of the Novatel 2352.

Of course, the 3UK MiFi is tied to 3UK; if you were looking for a device on, say, Vodafone, you would have to plump for the Novatel 2352; or would you? I’m hearing a rumour that next month Vodafone will be launching a PAYG MiFi type device for sale through their website and stores; whether this will be the Novatel 2352 or not isn’t clear (Vodafone already sell the Novatel in other countries though), and whether the price will be more inline with the 3UK MiFi I also don’t know, but it does look like there will soon be competition in the MiFi world…


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