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Would you believe it, just hours before a nice 4 day break, and lots of companies choose today, April’s Fools day of all days, to release interesting gadget news.  I don’t have time to write up each and every story, so here’s a short summary and links to more information…

HTC Desire

3UK have announced their HTC Desire prices and timescales.  Interestingly, they will initially launch an unbranded handset (although it’s still likely to be locked to 3UK) from 20th April, with the branded handset following around the 3rd May.  This unbranded handset will still be able to download the 3UK specific applications from the Android Market, so early adopters won’t miss out.

In pricing terms, for new customers it will be £35 per month (presumably an 18-month contract now confirmed as 24 months) for unlimited 3000 texts, unlimited 1GB internet, unlimited 2000 minutes of 3-to-3 calls, and 750 minutes of other calls; to buy the phone on PAYG will cost £350.

Further details (although it states the original unlimited information, not the true “fair usage limits”), see here.

A quick comparison to Vodafone, shows that £35 per month (18-month contract) will get you unlimited 3000 texts, 500MB internet, and 600 minutes of calls, which shows the 3UK to be slightly better value (even more so if your friends are on 3UK!)

Update: It’s been confirmed that the 3UK contract is for 24 months, so although it may offer more minutes than Vodafone each month, by being tied in for an additional 6 months makes any form of comparison less valid.

Truphone Local Anywhere

Of course, if you are looking to make calls abroad, especially to loved ones this Easter (*), then maybe you should look at Truphone. As well as being fans of this service, we’re always happy to promote their free offers, and this weekend they are offering free calls to landlines in 10 countries (the countries were chosen and voted for by Truphone customers; it’s nice to see a company offering it’s customers this ability). For some of those countries, it’s also free to call mobiles, but you’ll need to check the Truphone offers page to make sure before you start making those calls.

(*) We should point out that the free calls are only available on Saturday and Sunday, and are based on GMT (remember the UK is now on BST), so please check.

Even more interesting, Truphone have put together a short video allowing you to spot the minor differences between the ringtones they use to denote whether a call will be free or not.  To access the video, please click  here.

O2 Joggler

Finally, and by no means least, the O2 Joggler has suddenly got interesting…

Firstly, O2 have reduced the price down to £49.99, available online or in your local O2 Store, but only until 15th April. However, as from today a new firmware has become available which will allow support for the O2 App Store to be accessed from the O2 Joggler.  Normally this wouldn’t be so exciting, with the ability to access a few games, but O2 are also releasing 3 useful apps for the device..

  • YouTube support; very useful I guess if you are an avid fan of YouTube
  • Google Maps; now this is useful; the ability to look and find information on the map whilst using the device
  • Google Calendar; when I first talked about this device, this was a key area I said they should support; having Google Calendar support suddenly means you can access the same data as on your mobile phone, your computer, and now your O2 Joggler too.

Although I’m still waiting to hear exactly how this works, and what is and isn’t accessible, at £50, it’s a much more interesting proposition!

I hope you find these stories interesting, and UK Gadgeteer will be back next week; Happy Easter!


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