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Nokia Bots

Now, this is more like it; some real innovation from Nokia, bringing something that no other platform has got to Symbian (5th Edition only).  Nokia Beta Labs released a number of Nokia Bots last week, which after a short period of learning *your* habits, will adjust the way your phone works to match your needs.  The Bots are:

Profile Bot

Do you ever forget to silence the phone for meetings? Or when the meeting ends, forget to switch back to normal profile, and miss calls? Profile Bot is here to help. Profile changes are suggested on your homescreen: confirm automated profile changes for each meeting with a single click, or let them be fully automated for you.

Alarm Bot

Setting up a wake-up alarm and silent profile for night time has never been easier! Alarm Bot learns at what time you use to wake up, and suggests alarms and profile changes on your homescreen nightly. Create a new alarm and automate night profile with a single click, and never again forget phone to silent profile in the morning.

Shortcut Bot

New apps from Ovi store make the phone more useful and fun. With the help of Shortcut Bot, you get quick access to your most frequently used apps straight from your homescreen without configuration hassles: your preferences are learned in the background, and shortcuts automatically updated.

Battery Bot

Battery Bot observes your battery status. In case the battery is likely to drain while you sleep, it reminds you in advance to connect the charger. Otherwise you might wake up too early because of “battery low” alerts, or too late if it drains before wake-up alarm.

To use these, you’ll need to install them, and then add the Nokia Bots to one of your free slots on the Homescreen (if you want to use the Shortcut Bot you’ll need to also add the Shortcut Bot widget in place of another widget, such as the original shortcut widget), and you’ll need to give them some time to learn everything (the Shortcut Bot will take a few weeks to settle onto your most used shortcuts).

Right now, they are only compatible with the Nokia N97 and Nokia N97 Mini, although there aren’t many other Symbian 5th Edition devices from Nokia supporting the Homescreen widgets, but these are very interesting widgets, and well worth a look if you have one of those 2 phones.


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