Truphone add Australia to Truphone Local Anywhere

March 23rd, 2010 Tags: , , ,

Truphone Local Anywhere

Having launched Truphone Local Anywhere (see here for our details) with support for US and UK phone numbers, Truphone have announced that in mid-2010 they will be adding Australia to those first two countries.  This will allow frequent travellers to have a single SIM with country specific numbers that all route back to the same SIM now covering three countries, and Truphone have already hinted that this is the first of many additional countries to be supported by this service.

The Truphone Local Anywhere gives benefits on both sides; it allows callers in those countries to reach you for the price of a standard mobile call, yet when you are visiting these countries, you pay rates closer to in country rates, as opposed to roaming rates, and when you are roaming, Truphone are trying to get those rates as low as possible too.

Having already announced the UK network is provided by Vodafone, the Australian network being used will be Optus.

In my opinion, as someone who has been keeping an eye on Truphone for some while now, as the list of countries expands further throughout 2010 (and beyond), Truphone is going to become a major player in the mobile space, especially for the frequent traveller, who will be able to use his Truphone SIM (and Truphone local numbers) as his main (and often, only) mobile phone SIM.


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