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Eye-Fi Pro

Here’s an interesting combination of technologies integrated together, just as we like things here at UK Gadgeteer

Eye-Fi have offered their memory cards with built in Wi-Fi support for somewhile, allowing you to automatically upload your photos and videos direct from the memory card to your chosen website by simply having the camera turned on in range of a working and accessible wi-fi connection.

Pixelpipe have offered their single upload and distribution service for many platforms, allowing you to get your photos and videos uploading to multiple sites.

Well, now you can use the two together, such that from a single upload direct from the Eye-Fi card, Pixelpipe will then distribute the media onwards.  This offers two benefits; as well as the multiple destination support, it also allows you access to sites that are not currently supported by Eye-Fi directly (about 100 more sites). So, how do you configure your Eye-Fi card to access Pixelpipe…?

  1. First of all, if you haven”t already, you’ll need to create a Pixelpipe account.
  2. Open the Eye-Fi Manager & select ‘Settings’ from the top menu
  3. Now select ‘change’ web sharing from Photo Destinations & select ‘Add photo service’
  4. Select ‘Gallery’ from the selection and enter the following values
    Username: your Pixelpipe username
    Password: your Pixelpipe password
    URL: http://pixelpipe.com/services/gallery/main.php
  5. Now select ‘Show advanced options’ and enter the following values
    Account title: Pixelpipe
    Album name: Custom text
    Uses photo creation date: 1

That’s it; you should now be able to upload direct from Eye-Fi via Pixelpipe to your wanted services.

Thanks to Pixelpipe for providing these instructions.

Here’s an interesting Pixelpipe destination (and one rarely supported by other companies); you can take a photo of some text, and send it to Pixelpipe, which can then send the photo through to the Google OCR service, which takes the photo, scans the text, and creates a Google Docs document with the text; again, a very neat piece of integration there!


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