Are 3UK about to launch a £10 per month contract plan?

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INQ £15 Texter 18month contract

I received some limited information from 3UK yesterday, about a new £10 per month plan.  This is aimed at the many current customers who topup with £10 a month; in essence, 3UK seems to be saying “instead of spending £10 per month on topups, take a £10 per month contract, and this means you won’t need to topup each month, and we’ll even throw in a new phone in the deal”.

Given 3UK‘s current lowest plan is a £12 per month contract, and that’s a promotional rate, it’s not clear whether this will be a promotional tariff or a permanent plan (as permanent as any mobile tariff ever is).  Also, I wouldn’t expect the high end phones such as the Nokia N97 or HTC Hero being available on this plan, but it’s interesting that they are looking at providing a low end tariff.


3 Responses to “Are 3UK about to launch a £10 per month contract plan?”

  1. ScaredyCat Says:

    Does that tarrif include internet access?

    I’d really like to see 3 turn on automatic deductions from my payg balance for monthly internet access so I don;t have to keep doing it manually.


  2. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    My belief is that it won’t include Internet Access at that price, which although a shame (and I agree with you about the manual topup thing) is understandable. I note that the SIM Only £15 per month offer with Free Internet Access has now finished too, which was a nice compromise (it’s replaced with a £12 per month deal but without net access).

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