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February 17th, 2010 Tags: , , ,

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mobbler, the very popular Symbian client has moved from version 0.09(265) to version 1.09(265), and is now Symbian Signed (and will be available from the Ovi Store very soon).  Although only a minor feature update, the move to Symbian Signed and being part of the Ovi Store is a major move for mobbler.

The feature differences with this new version are:

  • Set the album art of the current song as your phone’s wallpaper
  • Opening the browser is no longer embedded

If you hadn’t seen the new v0.09 version, it added the following features (with the first item a nice feature to help minimise data allowance) :

  • If you’re listening to the radio, but you have a track on your device, Mobbler will now play the track on your device instead of streaming it to save you some bandwidth and battery. You will get a little hard disk icon in the bottom left of the album art if this happens.
  • We can now fetch and show lyrics of the current track from
  • You can now add and remove track, album, and artist tags on the current track and also from the list views
  • We now show if you have loved a track before
  • We now show if the artist you are listening to is touring. You will get a red banner on the top right of the album art. On S60 5th Edition you’ll be able to click the banner to view the events.
  • Remember the last searched for track, album, artist, tag
  • Bug fixes

This new version has another logo change; the v1 logo loses the “crazy paving” background effect.  mobbler intend to continue releasing versions under the Symbian Signed process, but will still supply beta releases as self-signed versions.


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