Truphone Local Anywhere finally launches…

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Truphone Local Anywhere

Truphone Local Anywhere (which we have covered before) has now finally launched. There are a number of options, from just buying the SIM as a starter pack (£14.99 including £10 of credit and a UK phone number), to the UK/US Pro pack (£79.99, including £20 of credit, US discounted call rates and a US phone number *and* a UK phone number for 12 months provisioned onto the SIM).  It’s this last point that kept me interested in Truphone since the announcements nearly a year ago; Truphone are happy to allocate multiple country-specific phone numbers onto the SIM, to allow you to be contacted anywhere in the world, but for the people calling you, it’s just a local phone number.

If you only holiday in the US, then the US holiday pack might be better value, which gives you a US phone number for 12 months as well as the UK number, but only gives you 1 month of the US call rates.  If you want the US call rates for longer, you can purchase them for £7.99 a month.  What does the US call rates give you?

  • At the normal rates, a US – US landline call would be 50p/minute; with the US call rates that is only 22p/minute.
  • Calling US – US mobile drops from 50p/minute to 10p/minute!
  • In a similar way, calling US – UK landline drops from 75p/minute to 22p/minute, and US – UK mobile drops from 75p/minute to 10p/minute.
  • Receiving a call whilst in the US drops from 50p/minute to 10p/minute
  • Sending a text drops from 40p to 8p per text, although there is a 7p charge to receive a text (inline with many US mobile plans), and sending a text to the UK is only 10p per text with the US call rates.
  • Finally, without the US call rates, you’ll pay £2 per MB of data; with the US call rates, you’ll ‘just’ pay 75p per MB.

So, for those that actually plan to use their phone whilst abroad (and especially in the US) the Truphone deal looks very impressive, and it’s well worth either buying the US/UK Pro pack, or upgrading your account to include the US call rates for their best rates.

Now, being able to offer worldwide calling plans is nothing new…  Offering a SIM with a local in-country number is not new…  Offering data on a SIM is not new…

Offering all of those together though, that’s the benefit of Truphone; throw in the ability to have multiple in-country phone numbers provisioned onto the same SIM, and this is truly different and well worth further investigation…

… and if you want to investigate further, head to the Truphone Local Anywhere website for more information.


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