Amazon Kindle DX available for pre-order to the UK

January 8th, 2010 Tags: , , ,

Amazon Kindle DX

Amazon have announced that the Kindle DX, the larger brother to the Kindle will now be available in a Global Wireless edition, working in the UK.  With it’s 9.7″ screen (compared to the 6″ screen of the standard Kindle), it offers a much larger display for viewing eBooks.  Available for Pre-Order today (it will start ship in a couple of weeks time), however there is one slight downside; the price is $489 (compared to $259 for the Kindle); which puts the UK price, including VAT & Customs, approaching £400, which maybe a little too expensive for some.

It’s good to see Amazon supporting a range of devices for the UK market though.  Don’t forget, Amazon only ship with a US power adaptor in the box, and although the device will charge from your computer via USB, if you want to charge it directly, you’ll need to buy a microUSB charging cable (see Kindle Accessories from Mobile Fun).


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