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January 5th, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , ,

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Mobbler, the very versatile client for Symbian has been updated to v0.08(237).  This now includes the following changes:

  • Open a map in Google Maps (if installed) for an event location
  • Can now view a list of queued scrobbles through the Tools menu, and delete unwanted scrobbles
  • Open a QR Code to let friends download Mobbler
  • Now downloads avatars in shoutboxes
  • Radio now works on Nokia E52 and E72 (disabled equaliser for these devices)
  • mobblerhelper.sis is no longer needed for 3.0 phones
  • Some minor defect fixes

The first is a nice feature, showing integration amongst different applications, and the second feature, although not something I’ve ever needed, I can see the benefit of.  As mentioned within the list; if you have a S60 3rd Edition (non-FP1 or FP2) phone, and have mobbler installed, you’ll need to uninstall the mobblerhelper application before upgrading to this new version.  If you upgrade with it still installed, you’ll get an error as part of the upgrade, and the new install will fail.

Although many people have Google Maps installed, it would be nice to see mobbler use the Ovi Maps application which is pretty standard across the Symbian devices, and which recently announced an API allowing other applications to be able to access the data as required, and using Ovi Maps instead may well happen in the future if the mobbler authors are able to organise it.

Update: It’s now been updated again, and this new version v0.08(241) adds the following two fixes:

  • Non-subscribers can now listen to the radio again (error was made in some tidying up changes)
  • Should no longer get an update error if mobblerhelper is installed


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