Maemo client gets an update

December 18th, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Vagalume on Nokia N900

The Maemo client, Vagalume (which also works on a variety of Linux OSes), has been updated to v.0.8.1.  This new version (which has been released for the existing OSes as well as the new Maemo 5 OS), offers a range of new features…

  • Implemented the Web Services API v2.0
  • Support for and other services
  • Support for Maemo 5 (Nokia N900)
  • New icon that replaces the classic Vagalume logo
  • New CD case image to place the album cover artwork
  • New feature to stop playback after a given time (“sleep timer”)
  • New menu option to play any user’s tag radio
  • New “Add bookmark” and “Bookmark this radio” menu entries
  • New configuration setting to download free tracks automatically
  • Add {station} keyword to the IM status template
  • Use system-wide Gnome audio settings
  • Mixer support to change the volume in non-Maemo targets
  • Added Polish translation
  • Autocompletion support for combo box entries
  • Make url and email clickable on the about dialog
  • vagalumectl: new commands to show and hide the player window
  • Fix some timeout problems in HTTP requests

What’s nice to see is support for, which is a similar setup to, but designed around Free music, and hence as no subscription to pay.  It uses a very similar API to access the music as, so it will be interesting to see whether we start to see other clients, such as the Symbian mobbler client also supporting this site.

Since the initial v0.8 release, a minor update has already been released which fixes a minor install issue with the Nokia N900, and also falls back to the old API should the new one not work.

For me, it’s nice to see this client not abandoning the elder Nokia Maemo devices, and I hope many other Maemo applications offer continued support for these devices (eg Nokia N800, Nokia N810), which still function perfectly well, even if they can’t run the latest OS.

If you aren’t seeing Vagalume in the Application Manager on the Nokia N900, then follow Gerry’s advice here to activate the “Maemo Extras” application repository to get access to more applications.


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