Solwise make Homeplug devices smaller

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PL-85E Mark 2

This is the new Mark 2 version of the Solwise HomePlug device.  It’s capable of extending your existing wired computer network and provides 85mbps (maximum) between the two networks using the power circuits around the house.  I’ve used HomePlug devices to add network to remote parts of the house, especially to support devices which only have network ports, or where it’s just too far for Wi-Fi to reach.

These newer units are smaller than the previous units, and only cost £18.55 for one, or £34.40 for a twin pack.  Solwise even include a 1.8m network patch cable to allow you to use these.  The easiest way to use a pair is to cable one to your ADSL router (using one of the spare network ports) and then put the other one somewhere else in the house you would like network access, and when both are plugged into the mains (they do need to be on the same phase if your house has multiple phases), then the device networked into the remote device should be able to access the router.

More information (including the ability to purchase them) available direct from Solwise.


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  1. Powerline question Says:

    Are these Solwise devices any good? They seem a little bit cheaper than the Devolo, Netgear or TP-Link devices, but I don’t know if this is because they are lower quality? Thanks.

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