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My Tracks (Android)

A number of Android apps catch my attention, and My Tracks is one of those apps.  Like Locale (mentioned briefly here), it is a simple (and free) application which offers a useful facility; recording your journey, but being able to share that information with others.  In essence, it’s a bit like Nokia’s SportsTracker (which offered both the ability to record the information, but also share it via a website).

My Tracks screenshot of map My Tracks Graph

Having used My Tracks to record your trip, whether it’s a walk, cycle ride, or drive, you then have a variety of options of what to do with the data; upload to Google Maps, upload to Google Docs, or email or export gpx or kml files.  Whilst using the software, you also have various options for seeing real time statistics, and even create waypoints.

My Tracks detail My Tracks tracklist

I also like the way that it can interact with other applications (see here), and it seems to produce fairly accurate output too.

My Tracks little menu My Tracks menu

If you want to look at some sample outputs, the author has placed a sample Google Maps output here, although one of the Linitx guys has produced a couple of UK walks here and here; to see how useful My Tracks is; click on the end point of any of these tracks and see a whole range of useful statistics!  Also, here‘s what the Google Docs output looks like.

Thanks to Andy at Linitx for the screenshots of his lunchtime walks too!


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