Garmin to offer Car Diagnostics…

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Garmin ecoRoute ESP Cable & Screenshot

Although possibly only for the US, Garmin are planning to release an ecoRoute ESP Cable, which allows you to connect a Bluetooth enabled Garmin Nuvi 1xxx device to your car’s OBD on board diagnostic connector to be able to display certain information, including:

  • Fuel and Intake Air Anformation (Fuel Flow, Intake Air Temperature, etc)
  • Coolant Temperature & Oil Pressure
  • Throttle Position
  • Combustion Mixture (Emissions)
  • Engine Component Operation & Status
  • Battery and Charging System Information
  • Climate Control Information (Heat & AC)
  • Drive Train Status and Condition

Interestingly, this is referred to as a cable, yet something that needs to be paired via Bluetooth, so it’s not clear exactly what it is, and how it works, (unless the cable is used between the device and the Nuvi as part of setting it up).   However, offering this information is an interesting new take on providing SatNav functionality, and something that we hope comes to the UK and other Nuvi models next year.  It looks like it will cost $150 in the US when it formally launches in the New Year, and there’s no word of UK availability (although there should be no reason why not).

Information courtesy of GPSCity [via Engadget]


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  1. mrmann Says:

    I think the OBDII cable links to a bluethooth transmitter which is then paired to the device. As most ODB connectors are in some small corner in the footwell it will allow the unit to sit out of the ways and send the data to the display device. Its a great idea hope it comes to uk.

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