Orange provide iPhone tariff details, with a sting in the tail

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iPhone 3GS

Yet again, we’re very unhappy with the liberal use of the word “unlimited”, so let’s start with the sting in the tail; Orange are not providing unlimited tariffs with the iPhone; however, some of their plans are interesting, and worthy of a mention.  As a long term Orange user, it will be interesting to see what the offers are for existing customers, but with Orange’s past performance, you can guess that they won’t be as “good” as these…

So, the new iPhone 3GS will be available from 10th November, and will be free on contracts over £45 per month for 24-month contracts, whereas the iPhone 3G will be free on £30 per month for 24-month contracts.  Orange, however, have stated that “all plans” with come with “unlimited” 750MB per month UK data, and there is free “unlimited” 750MB per month data access to BT OpenZone Wi-Fi too.

For PAYG, the iPhone 3G (note not 3GS) will be £333 if you TopUp with £50 on purchase (so that’s £383 with £50 credit), and you will automatically get 250MB of UK data per month plus 12 months “unlimited” 750MB per month of BT OpenZone Wi-Fi access.

If you want to tether your iPhone (to allow you to access the net on your laptop / other device via the iPhone), plans are available that “start” at £5 per month (so I guess we can expect this to have a data limit, which increases with the tariff).

Orange have also launched a new high end “Traveller” tariff for £125 per month, which gives inclusive (note the lack of the word unlimited) call and data allowance.

Head off to here to see the full details; for example, a 32GB iPhone 3GS on a £30 per month 18-month contract will cost you £274 upfront!


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  1. Brendan Gunning Says:

    What about media messages. I can’t find anything on these. Are the included like they are on o2’s contract?


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