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October 23rd, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Amazon Kindle

Some pieces of additional Kindle news for today…

Firstly, Amazon have dropped the price by $20 (to $259), and should be providing a $20 refund to all early purchasers.  This makes the Kindle a little better value, although it’s believed the real reason behind the price drop is the announcement by US Bookstore Barnes & Noble who launched their Nook eBook reader (below) this week.  Now, this device looks interesting, partly because it has a colour touchscreen at the bottom for controlling the device, and partly because it uses the Android OS, which may mean future support for additional applications.

Barnes & Noble nook

Also, B&N seem to be a little more open about their device; they confirm it can read ePUB and PDF files directly, implying (to some degree) that they do not want to limit their purchasers to only buy books from their eStore (of course, with applications like Calibre, Kindle users can equally get this type of content onto their device).  However, there are no plans for making this available in the UK (yet).

Secondly, Amazon have announced their Kindle for PC application, which along with their iPhone / iPod Touch application, expands where and how you can read your Amazon Kindle eBooks, and now allows you to read your Amazon Books on the PC.  It will also synchronize your last page read and annotations that you add to the eBooks (and this sync is bi-directional).  It’s not available yet, but should be shortly, and even offers a couple of extra facilities for Windows 7 users (XP, Vista and Windows 7 are the only OSes supported).

Finally, if you have an Amazon Kindle but feel some of the prices for accessories in the Amazon marketplace are a little high, you might want to head over to Mobile Fun, who now have a Kindle Accessories section covering most of the things you could ever need for your new device, including UK charges, cases, screen protectors and more.


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