Sony Ericsson T715 Review

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Sony Ericsson T715

This is an interesting phone, and shows that both the main mobile phone companies and the mobile networks can work together to produce a phone capable of more than just calls!  The phone (as we mentioned before) has Twitter and Facebook support, as well as the usual 3UK features (Skype on 3, Email on 3, Windows Live Messenger etc) and the phone also has some RSS support too.

Some features were well integrated, eg if you take a picture, the menu then offers to Send the photo to Twitter or Facebook as well as the more usual options.  However, others, such as the Social Networking apps themselves, weren’t so easy to find; Facebook wasn’t too bad, as it’s available from Menu / Messaging, but Twitter was only found in Menu / Entertainment / Applications, whereas, it would have made more sense in the Messaging area alongside Facebook.

However, in that app list, there were a number of other useful applications, including AccuWeather, YouTube, Yell, as well as the 3UK specific apps.  Also, was a Permier Football Scores app (although this requires you to pay a subscription to use it at all).

In other terms, the phone, and 3UK‘s integration was good (personally I don’t like 3UK taking over both softkeys on the homescreen, but this is a minor point).  I did like the way that 3UK recognised I had moved my 3 SIM into a different phone, and automatically sent the latest 3UK settings to the phone (including sending an SMS in advance telling me what was happening, and how to accept the settings).

However, all was not perfect; I didn’t like the back cover, which is held on with 2 clips at the top and 2 more at the bottom, therefore needing some force to remove it; no nice buttons / slide to remove here.  Okay, the rear cover only gives access to the battery, SIM and microSD card slot, so probably does not need to come off often, but it still detracted from the phone.  Also, the phone uses a proprietary connection for both the handset and charging; given the general move by the other manufacturers towards microUSB, this was a shame (some, like LG, are already shipping phones with microUSB).

In a normal week, I would be saying that this is a really good, all round phone, but I’ve just had the new INQ Mini delivered, and that seems to offer a similar package that’s easier to use, and has less negatives, but that’s for another article…

The Sony Ericsson T715 is available from 3UK in Pink and Silver, and thanks to 3mobilebuzz for the loan of the phone.


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  1. INQ Mini 3G Review | UK Gadgeteer Website Says:

    […] did have a release button at the top, which makes it better than the Sony Ericsson T715 I reviewed here), but only just, and I couldn’t find any sight of the other 6 coloured interchangeable backs […]

  2. Lee Says:

    I recently purchased a T715. I’m battling to get the back cover off and have left it alone as I’m worried I may damage/break the phone in the process. Bit irritating to have a new phone in the drawer and unable to use it..

  3. Martin Sanders Says:

    My T715 just arrived, and I cannot find any way to remove the back cover. I have 3 options:

    1: send it back
    2: take it to a phone store
    3: smash it open with a hammer

    Right now 3 seems most attractive, very bad design in my opinion.

  4. Colin taylor Says:

    I am having the same trouble with the back. You have to be brave. I found from the non camera end, by getting your fingernails under each edge, and just being positive is the only way. I am going to write to SE and tell them I want a spare back, cos it is gonna **** up.
    Other than that, the chassis is not square when the carriage is fully open. I suppose it will manage me though.
    The back is, as you say, a bad design.

  5. Steve Says:

    I am having serious problems with this phone as the memory is becoming clogged up by running the applications mentioned in this article i.e the phone memory is approx 90mb and the apps currently acccount for 88mb. There is no obvious way to delete unused apps/games so phone functionality is compromised. I think this phone is trying to be too clever and cannot cope with the technology it comes preinstalled with.

  6. John Says:

    my best advice is using a guitar pick or something similar and gently easing it open from “microSD” ingrave.

  7. Janice Says:

    I literally snapped the battery cover after several hours of trying to remove it in order to re-insert the battery.. the phone is ridiculous

  8. Jan Says:

    I’m havin trouble charging my t715 ive bought a new battery..even a new charger but its still not holding a charge..any ideas?

  9. UK Gadgeteer Says:

    No, sorry. Sounds like you’ll need to contact Sony Ericsson (or the company you bought it from) to see if it’s faulty.

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