3UK confirm HTC Hero coming to 3 next month

October 19th, 2009 Tags: , , , , , ,

Spotify on Hero

Although we announced it last week, 3UK have this morning confirmed that the HTC Hero is their Android device that is coming to 3UK next month in time for Christmas, and the deal 3UK have put together for this phone is even better than we first thought…

Firstly, price: £99 upfront, and then an 24-month contract of £35 per month gives you the following:

  • “Unlimited” web browsing (as we mentioned a few weeks back)
  • “Unlimited” 3UK3UK calls
  • “Unlimited” texts
  • 750 cross-network minutes to other mobile networks
  • Free SkypeSkype calls

and this is the most interesting…

  • “Unlimited” Spotify Premium for mobile AND PC for those 24 months (worth £240)

Now, that last one was a big surprise, and frankly, we are impressed.  According to the press release, you could spend all day and night with the hone connected to 3UK for web browsing and streaming music, and it would be allowed.  However, I feel that those “pesky” T&Cs will limit the actual amount you can use, and we’ll be looking to provide the exact limits when they are confirmed.

By providing Spotify Premium, that means no adverts between music tracks, and also support for offline playlists, allowing you to still listen to music when outside of 3UK‘s coverage (or when on underground trains); Spotify Premium also gives you exclusive access to pre-release music and concert ticket lotteries.

For those not willing to sign up to a 24 month contract, we’ll bring you the other tariffs it is available on as and when 3UK provide that information, but with that Spotify Premium subscription built in, this actually looks an interesting offer.

We believe the limits are 2GB of Internet browsing, 3000 minutes of 3UK3UK calls, and 3000 texts, although we don’t know what limits will be applied to Spotify.


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