PURE announce touchscreen DAB radio too

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PURE Sensia

After the release of the touchscreen based Revo IKON last month, PURE Digital have announced their first touchscreen based DAB radio.  The PURE Sensia will sell for £249, and is a DAB radio, Internet (Wi-Fi) radio, as well as supporting that 5.7″ 640×480 touchscreen display, which will feature additional applications too.

In terms of the music options, as well as the DAB radio (DAB and FM with RDS are both available), it features support for Internet radio and podcasts, access to your local media (via Wi-Fi), and “unique broadcast material”; and if you don’t want to have the unit by your bedside, you can add an optional ChargePAK battery for listening around the house, and make use of the colour coded RF remote control too.  In terms of colour options, you can go for Black, White, Red or Yellow.  If none of those music options appeal, you can connect an iPod / mp3 player directly via a 3.5mm socket, or you ca add the optional i-10 iPod dock.

However, it’s those “online apps” which interest us; so lets look at those.  So far, PURE have stated it will include Facebook support, Twitter support, and weather and news feeds.  It appears it will be possible to either have the application appear full screen, or just in the top right hand area, so you can still see the radio station list, the time, and access the other menus.

So given the close price to the Revo IKON, which should you choose? Well, the IKON seems to have a greater range of music options built in (with last.fm streaming support and a iPod / iPhone dock included as standard), whereas the PURE Sensia is closer to a Chumby-like device, offering access to other applications whilst the music is playing.  Of course, were PURE to add Spotify or last.fm support into their device, it might tip the balance in the their favour…

Both companies are known for producing devices capable of firmware updates, and both companies have produced firmware updates for various devices; it’s not yet clear whether adding more applications to the Sensia needs a full firmware update, but it will be worthwhile keeping an eye on how well PURE support this device in terms of new features.

You should find the PURE Sensia available at the end of October at £249.


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