LG announce new TV ranges

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LG LU7000

It’s been a big week for LG, with LG Mobile launching the new LG Chocolate BL40 phone, and their TV division launching a number of ranges of new devices today…

Firstly, they have launched the LU7000, range of TVs (19″ and 22″) with a built in front loading DVD player (and also built in Freeview).  This uses two glass sliding doors which slide from the centre outwards to allow access to the DVD drive.  This TV is designed for a variety of uses; in the kitchen, for kids, or for students.  Even with the design, it’s a wall mountable unit, featuring a standard VESA mount, and supports a USB connection for accessing pictures or mp3 music.  It also features 2 HDMI connections, and Scart support too.

Other ranges follow in the rest of the article…

The next major range LG have released this week is the new SL8000 series…

LG SL8000

This range of TVs features various sizes (32″, 37″, 42″ and 47″) and is a SuperSlim range of devices; with, for example, the 42″ unit being just 4.5cm thick.  The full spec includes:

  • Borderless Design
  • HD Ready 1080p (Full HD)
  • 1920 x 100 resolution
  • Picture Wizard, AV Mode, 24p Real Cinema
  • Bluetooth and USB 2.0 (JPEG / MP3 / DivX (movie) HD playback)
  • Intelligent Sensor II
  • Energy Saving Recommended
  • Invisible Speaker

The Energy saving features of this TV are quite impressive; on Tuesday I saw one of these TVs, and compared to a normal Plasma TV which outputs around 300W when running at full brightness, this TV varied from 220W (full brightness) down to 68W (and went down to 28W with the screen off; useful for when playing things like Satellite Digital Radio where no picture is really needed).  The Intelligent Sensor technology automatically chooses the brightness level based on the amount of light in the room; ie in a dark room (watching a film with the lights turned off / turned down), there’s no need for the TV to operate at maximum brightness, and this helps to keep the energy usage down.

One thing on the “Borderless” technology; this means that the whole of the front of the TV appears to be a single solid piece of glass; there is no step or bezel effect between the TV area and the black surround of the TV; it doesn’t mean the TV picture extends right to the edge of the screen.

However, if this TV wasn’t enough, and you want even lower energy usage, and an even smaller surround, then maybe the new SL9000 Series is for you.  This comes in 42″ and 47″ sizes only, but offers a depth of just 29.3mm, with the Borderless surround of the TV being around 3cm too.  This TV was designed for wall mounting, and for becoming the focal point of the lounge…

LG SL9000

This TV utilises LED backlighting (not traditional CCFL lighting) to provide the backlight, allowing the TV to be even slimmer than a normal TV.  LG were strong to point out this TV will be advertised as a “Borderless LCD TV with LED backlighting”; it will not be advertised as an LED TV, which could be classed as misleading (especially as LG have just announed their first OLED TV!).  This TV range uses Edge LED lighting, although LG hinted they may produce TV ranges with Direct LED lighting in the future (although this increases costs even further).

Update: It appears the LH9000 unit also announced today uses this Direct LED lighting method, although this TV was not available for review on Tuesday.

Energy consumption was even less on this TV; in full Vivid mode, the TV was using just 146W, which dropped to around 50W in the darkest of rooms (again, the TV features LG‘s Intelligent Sensor allowing this to be adjusted automatically), and again dropping to around 35W with no picture at all.  Yet, despite this lower energy consumption, the TV was just as bright as the SL8000 placed next to it.

Both these ranges feature lots of HDMI sockets to allow for games consoles, home cinema systems and set-top boxes to all be connected together, and the SL9000 has a similar feature set to the SL8000, including that Bluetooth, which can be used for Bluetooth headphones to not disturb others (alternatively it can be used to stream music and pictures to the TV).

These TVs are very good looking, stylish and well designed TVs; LG are concentrating on being a Premium Brand, but with good value, and this will be carried through with the pricing, which will be competitive compared to the other TVs of similar specs.  Having seen all 3 ranges earlier in the week, things are looking very good for LG, but they are not stopping here…  In talks with LG, I was told of some of their other plans for their TVs (including changes to existing ranges), which are very exciting, and I look forward to being able to tell more when LG are ready to make some further announcements in the coming months.

For the second time today, my thanks to the LG Blog who allowed me access to these units in advance of their launch today at IFA ’09.


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