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O2 Joggler

When O2 launched the O2 Joggler back in March (see here), they stated that they would introduce free Messaging and Internet Radio during May.  Well, although they didn’t quite meet the May deadline, they have, in the last few days, released the promised Messaging application.  This allows you to send 50 free SMS messages to any network direct from the O2 Joggler.  Also, O2 have reminded us that you can SMS the device itself too, allowing you to notify the family of any delays or other information.

O2 have also confirmed that the Internet Radio application will be released onto the O2 Joggler, but it will be in the “coming months”, so don’t hold your breath.

However, we’ve been approached by an enterprising individual, who is hoping to open these devices up as a more useful device by removing the O2 branding.  He has launched a website here and is hoping to be able to offer more functions and features, should he be able to work out how to debrand the device.

Update: We’re hearing rumours that this website is not all is seems, with rumours spreading that it was actually OpenPeak (the company behind the hardware and software of the O2 Joggler) who set up the website, in essence, to get the hacking community to provide them with information on how their product was insecure.  If this is the case, and we have no absolute information either way, it’s very poor show by OpenPeak, and we hope they still intend to pay out the £1000 to the various forum members who provided them with information on a number of weaknesses in the firmware before the forum was locked and no one could add new information.


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