TomTom broaden LIVE services, and alienate existing users

May 20th, 2009 Tags: , , ,


Pocket GPS World bring us news of the new TomTom XL LIVE, which brings the LIVE services (which we’ve covered before here and here) to the cheaper range of devices (previously, LIVE was only available on the expensive x40 range).  The TomTom XL LIVE will retail for £249.99 and the LIVE services will be £7.99 after the initial 3 month free trial.  Compare that to the TomTom 740 LIVE at £322, and you can see this may well be a very popular model.  It comes with mapping for 42 countries.

However, we understand that only 30% of existing LIVE users have chosen to renew their subscription, and do you know what; we think we know why (and so does TomTom).  You see, even if you bought the top of the range TomTom 940 LIVE, giving you full European (and North America) mapping, your LIVE services would only work in the UK, despite TomTom offering traffic across a number of popular destinations across Europe (France, Germany Switzerland and Holland).  So, as soon as you went abroad, even for a trip to France, you had absolutely no traffic information at all.

Well, TomTom have finally accepted this, and have resolved it!  To begin with, the TomTom XL LIVE will include roaming support and allow you to use the online services across Europe (where available).  However, it will take TomTom until “towards the end of 2009” to enable this functionality for existing users.

Although it’s good to here TomTom have finally realised the benefit of providing their LIVE services in all possible countries, it’s a shame it’s going to take until after the summer holidays for people to be able to benefit from this.


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