Symbian users and WiFi clients

May 18th, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Nokia N95 8Gb Music

After mentioning WeFi now being available for Android, we thought we’d recap the situation for Symbian devices, where there are a fair few solutions available:

  • WeFi is also available for Symbian, which provices easy access to Free WiFi Hotspots, although you could use fring which now includes a WeFi plugin which we covered here).
  • Devicescape provide a Symbian client, although this concentrates more on easy logging it to paid WiFi Hotspots, as opposed to the free WiFi of WeFi.
  • Of course, another option we’ve covered before is HandyWi, which has just been updated to v2.0.  This new version adds a number of new features, including a fallback to 3G option (when no WiFi is available), and includes support for the new S60 5th Edition devices, and also adds support for entering WEP and WPA/PSK encryption keys.  Other handy features include a Logoff function (very handy if you are connected to FON or BT OpenZone hotspots to help minimise the charges when you paying for the service), and you can now also upload your Landmarks to the HandyWi server (for backup  restore purposes, plus you can then view them using Google Maps or Google Earth).

HandyWi v2

If you are an existing user of HandyWi, at some point in the next week or so you’ll be asked to upgrade to this new version.  For use, allowing you to backup and restore your Landmarks (which are additionally used by Google Maps, Nokia Maps, and Route66) is a nice feature, and may make this a worthwhile app to install and run every now and then if you don’t want the benefits of it’s main functionality.

In terms of other options; if you have a Nokia E71, you may find you can download BirdStep’s SmartConnect from the Nokia Download! area for free, and Psiloc’s Connect is another option to consider.


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