How to free up internal memory on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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Nokia 5800

All About Symbian have published this handy guide to how to free up some internal memory on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.  Guides like this are especially useful now that Nokia are using UDP (User Data Protection), which does not lose all your data when you perform a firmware upgrade; one of the useful functions of a non-UDP firmware upgrade is that it would naturally clear out the phone’s memory allowing you to start again afresh, and in essence, the All About Symbian guide is very similar in their approach; backup everything, wipe the device, and then restore everything.

However, Gerry over at has had mixed results with the Nokia Backup/Restore tool over the years, so he’s put together an alternative guide which concentrates on how to clean up the phone without wiping all the data of it.

It’s well worth reading both guides, either way you should be able to free up some space on your phone as long as you follow one of the guides; and although they are both aimed at the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, there’s no reason why the principles can’t be applied to any Symbian phone.


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  1. Susan Hills Says:

    I freed up lots of memory on my phone by moving pictures to the memory card.How to do-I set up a message to a contact and pressed attachment(bottom right of screen).Selected images and vids.It then showed which pics were on phone memory by not having a card symbol by it.Press options then organise-move-memory card.I had to memorise what photos were on the phone and it took several goes to move them all but in the end success! Lots of memory now!

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