Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6

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Facebook on Windows Mobile

Social networking is becoming big business, and Social Networking websites are now the number one type of website we apparently all access whilst at work.  As such, over the last few months we’ve seen a lot of site specific mobile applications being developed, and Facebook, as one of the more popular worldwide sites is no exception.  Well, you can now get a dedicated Windows Mobile (WM6 only) Facebook application direct from Microsoft here.

This now leaves Nokia and Symbian as the obvious platform without a decent Facebook native application, although we are still hearing that the Nokia Ovi Store, when it launches next month, will feature such an application amongst the rumoured 20,000 other applications / games / wallpapers etc. that will be available.  However, if you can’t wait that long, then shortly Gravity, one of the better native S60 Twitter clients will soon include support for Facebook.


4 Responses to “Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6”

  1. Vlad Says:

    Apart from LinkedIn, in my opinion all this social networking portals are just a waste of time. The competition is too tight. Most of all I hate Twitter, which by definition is based on short messages, and the fact that the more followers the more popularity you gain. But how can someone follow all his friends twitts especially when you have a network of more 100 people. It seems it’s just a scam to promote spam in a less intrusive way. When it comes to Facebook and hi5 and many others like these it’s a good way to meet your friends friends friends friend. I also wrote about it on http://vladgh.com/2009/05/facebook-available-for-windows-mobile/.

  2. twittledee Says:

    Is this the same application as I find on m.getjar.com for facebook or an updated version of some sort? I’ve been using what I already have and it seemed to auto-update as fast as facebook updates their wap site.

  3. swing Says:

    As this is a brand new Windows Mobile application from Microsoft, I doubt it’s the same as the Java app on getjar.com.

  4. facebook applications uk Says:

    it’s java based application, i don’t think it is professionally programmed. yet i haven’t loaded in my cellphone let’s check it and pass comments.

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