Innovative multi-device charging unit

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We can’t take the credit for finding this device, that should go to Shiny Shiny, but once we saw the device, we thought we should let you know about it too.  The IDAPT I3 can charge 3 devices at any time, but the beauty of the device is that those 3 charging slots use interchangeable “tips”.  Buying from Amazon, you get 6 tips in the deal (Nokia 2, Samsung 2, Sony Ericsson 2, iPod, miniUSB, and NDS for Nintendo DS-Lite).  Other tips are available, either direct from the IDAPT, or via Amazon.  The tips are swapped by pressing the two buttons either side of the tip…

IDAPT I3 tips

Even better, the device has an on/off switch, allowing you to save electricity when it’s not charging…

IDAPT I3 Power

The nice thing about this charger is that most devices will stay upright whilst charging, and still be easily accessible.  The only downside is that as it’s not a true cradle supporting data too, devices like your iPod will need removing to sync your music library.

Of course, this will be interesting for devices such as the new Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or the Nokia N85, both of which has their charging sockets on the top of the phone (which limits any decent cradle ever being available for them).

We say buy one of these IDAPT I3 units (or the 2 port version once it’s available) and have it near to the front door, and then pick up your fully charged phone, camera and iPod on the way out (or use it to charge all the phones in the house).  An interesting device, and just £35 too…

Update: You can now get an even greater selection of charging tips, including the new microUSB format, which is being adopted by many mobile phone manufacturers as a single standard connector.


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  1. Chris - LG Says:

    Brilliant. I can finally get rid of all the damn chargers, and free up some space on those multiplugs

  2. Agreement on universal phone charging | UK Gadgeteer Website Says:

    […] covered the IDAPT I3 charging device before; it acts as a cable free (apart from it’s power cable) way to recharge your gadgets, and even […]

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